April A-Z: L is for Lock-down

Across the world over this past year different countries have taken different approaches to lock-down, but overall most have imposed restrictions of some sort or another on their population as a whole.

Here in Scotland since 26th December last year we’ve been on our second full national lock-down. Initially required to ‘Stay at Home’ this has only very recently been changed to ‘Stay Local’. Thankfully such tight restrictions are finally beginning to ease and a handful of business activities were allowed to re-open last week – things like homeware stores and car showrooms, and also premises-based hairdressers, plant nurseries and garden centres.

And yesterday the Scottish Government announced that travel outside our local area will now be allowed from Friday. Non-essential retail can finally start to open up and also some self-catering and hospitality businesses (still within strict limits) from April 26th. However socialising at home indoors with family– the one thing I want more than anything – remains restricted for at least another three weeks from that date, and even at that point permitted numbers will remain limited for a further period of time.

Last year our first full lockdown lasted from March until things started opening up again from mid-July onwards – even so, many businesses were still required (or had no option) to remain closed well beyond that date.  Still everything was a long way from normality, as nationally we were all put into varying levels of restriction depending on local infection-rate numbers coupled with several other relevant criteria. Those same blanket levels are being applied again now, although country-wide this time.

One way or another we have not had any real freedom of existence for over a year now, and people are becoming increasingly tired of the continuing national caution even though we do understand the reasoning behind it. We all just need this to be over, but we’re not there yet, so we’ll all just have to bide our time a little longer and hope the introduction and implementation of the ongoing Covid vaccine programme eventually helps render the long-term threat of the virus null and void.

For this year’s April Blogging from A-Z Challenge I’m aiming for an alphabetical exploration of my personal thoughts and feelings on the continuing Covid 19 pandemic one year on, using a mix of poetry, pics and ponderings…


9 thoughts on “April A-Z: L is for Lock-down

    1. Elaine, The virus spreads much quicker and easier indoors because of the reduced ventilation. It disperses rapidly in the outdoors and is less likely to spread to others. The test and trace system in the U.K. proved that almost all infections stemmed from meeting people indoors.

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      1. Thanks Sue, I know that’s correct and I haven’t been in anyone’s houses, I’m just so frustrated waiting to hug my children and grandchildren. Keep safe 😊❤️

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      2. Oh, Elaine, I’m with you on this one, I really miss my little ones running in at full speed to give me a hug, I wonder if they’Il ever remember that that’s what they used to do. 🙂

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  1. When the stores in England opened this week, I was ‘gob smacked’ at the amount of people shown on TV that were in early morning queues.
    I can’t think of a single thing that I need to shop for, let alone join a queue!

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