April A-Z: M is for Mask

Is it honestly too much to ask

That we cover our face with a mask?

It’s not all about us

So stop making a fuss

Just one small thing – no onerous task…

For this year’s April Blogging from A-Z Challenge I’m aiming for an alphabetical exploration of my personal thoughts and feelings on the continuing Covid 19 pandemic one year on, using a mix of poetry, pics and ponderings…

4 thoughts on “April A-Z: M is for Mask

  1. I agree! Please wear a mask. Are y’all on lockdown again? Things are getting back to normal in Alabama. Our mask mandate expired on the 9th. We are encouraged to wear ours but some people have made it political. I’m still wearing mine — and sometimes a double. I’ve had my two vaccinations but I’m not “90% immune” until this coming Wednesday.

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    1. We’ve been on lock-down since the day after Christmas – but things are due to open up here in Scotland towards the end of April 🙂


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