Bricked-Up Beauty!

While walking along a quiet side-street in Inverness yesterday I found this open-air room sitting immediately behind a building that appeared still to be in use at the front – but this long-disused room now has no roof, only two full walls standing, a third wall partially in place and the external wall on the street removed entirely. The rotting floor joists are still in situ but with only a few wooden floorboards left in place, and on the main retaining wall there is an oddly-bricked-up fireplace and internal door to nowhere.

Weirdly enough it appears that it’s not that the building itself is falling down, more that this now-external room seems to have been deliberately cut off from whatever is on the other side of its party wall, with the roof and street wall being fully removed leaving it all open to the elements. So it sits all vulnerable and exposed with its inside now outside, left being neither one thing nor the other. And I’ve never seen a door bricked up with the bricks lying on their side instead of being laid flat – how strange!

So sadly this week’s Thursday Door is no longer even a proper door – I can’t help but wonder what story lies behind this abandoned unloved space? Maybe this would be a good door for me to use for next week’s brand new Thursday Door Writing Challenge… šŸ™‚


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