Hugs All Round

From Monday 17th May here in the Highland Region of Scotland we moved from Level 3 down to Level 2 Covid restrictions, which means lots of different things for lots of people. For me it means we are now allowed to visit in very small numbers indoors instead of being restricted to the garden, and we are allowed to hug people again!

Seriously, being allowed to hug the people I love most in the world is such a wonderful gift, my ageing parents and my adult children and my growing grandchildren… We’re normally quite a touchy-feely family so it’s been really difficult NOT to hug for months on end, always keeping our distance while only meeting up outside.

So without a shadow of a doubt that’s my Weekly Smile for this week – being able to hug my family again ❀ πŸ™‚

5 thoughts on “Hugs All Round

  1. Oh yes. Even I, a confirmed introvert, have missed the hugs of the people I love. Covid put way too much distance between us and often for unjustified reasons, overkill I think, but given how bad things could have gotten, it seems to me that extra care was merited – but often really did no go to the people I’ve missed sharing hugs with..
    This was a great smile Ruth.

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