Hmmm… I’m not good at favourites… Well, not consistently, anyway. My favourites tend to be more fly-by-night than firm fixtures in life, dependent on circumstance and context and timing, as much as anything.

For example, what is my favourite chocolate? Milk chocolate, for sure, but other than that – usually it depends on my mood. I do prefer good quality milk chocolate though, not something made with excess milk-fat then over-sweetened and with negligible cocoa solids – I find cheaply-made chocolate is often such a disappointment both in texture and in taste. Give me Green & Blacks 37% organic milk chocolate any day – Mmmm… ❤

My favourite flower? I like traditional flowers, and usually prefer them growing to cut, so my favourite bloom tends to change variously with the seasons. And even then it depends on whether I choose a visual favourite or a scented favourite or a ‘seasonal first’ favourite… However small and humble, there’s nothing quite like the first snowdrop heralding the beginning of the end of winter. Or the first crocus of spring, or the first rose of summer…

My favourite season? We live in a temperate climate so usually I’m happy with whichever season I’m in at any given time of year, although I must admit this particular spring has not been the best here in Scotland – wet and windy and a lot colder than usual. But I like that we do HAVE four clear seasons here, with reasonably-easy-to-deal-with changes in temperature and weather to go with all four seasonal variations, so that nature adjusts herself accordingly.

Oh wait, I’ve just thought of a proper, permanent favourite – the house we live in now is definitely my favourite home ever! It’s the first one in my life I’ve had any real say in, the first one I chose for myself (well we chose it together, but I did get to choose) and it may not be perfect by other people’s standards but its beautiful imperfections mean it’s perfect for us. It’s probably going to take us til retirement to get it just the way we want it, but we prefer working on it ourselves over time so inevitably that slows down the overall process a bit.

Weekly Prompts: Favourites


4 thoughts on “Favourites

  1. I love my current home too! I think it is my favorite, though I feel sad saying that because it doesn’t have my children in it (they’re adults with their own homes), but it also doesn’t have a husband in it, which makes it perfect 😀

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