A Doorway But No Door

I found this overgrown stone doorway within the old Chapel Yard Cemetery in Inverness, but sadly no door to go with it, only an iron gate. Oh well! Hopefully I can still use some artistic license and count it as a door though?

Although most of the surviving (or at least readable) gravestones are from the late 18th to 19th Centuries, apparently there has been a graveyard of some sort on this site since the 12th Century. This is the grandest example but these open air walled ‘rooms’ dotted around seem to be old family enclosures or mausoleums belonging mainly to all the ‘big’ names of the town, although there are plenty of ordinary grave markers here too 🙂

Thursday Doors

7 thoughts on “A Doorway But No Door

  1. Gates and entrances are always welcome, Ruth. We maintain a very loose definition of ‘door’ on this site. I love old cemeteries, although we have none that go back nearly as far as this. Unless you count Indian Burial Grounds.

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