5 thoughts on “Crazy Cats

      1. I’m so pleased to hear it, Ruth. It’s been a difficult few months for you – feeling unwell, the store closing and your parents to think about too.

        I’m also okay, just had two weeks of feeling normal, isn’t it wonderful?

        Last week along with my son Joss I took my eldest grandaughter (15) out for a whole day. I could not believe that I managed a whole day of shops and sightseeing and still felt fine, that’s if I don’t count the stiff hips 😂

        Joss’s sense of smell still hasn’t returned. The son-in-law is finally okay too, but he’s reluctant to have a second jab, he’s worried about feeling ill again. I’ll tell him how you feel. 🙂

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      2. I had far less side yukky effects with my second jab, and since they passed (after a couple of days) I’ve been feeling way better 🙂

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      3. I was undecided whether I was having effects from the jab or just another couple of Covid days. Victoria, my eldest gets her second jab on Monday so if she’s okay he might decide to go ahead with his second.

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