I forgot what it’s like to host guests

Clean the house so it looks at its best

Tidy up random stuff

Make it look good enough

Hide the worst of our everyday mess

I’d got used to our lock-down delays

Quiet living and insular days

Covid curses no more

Cast bad spells on my door

Feels so strange to return to old ways

So we welcome old friends with a smile

And remark that it’s been quite a while

With great caution we start

With new joy in our heart

To embrace this post-Covid lifestyle

Weekly Prompt: Visitors

9 thoughts on “Guests

  1. A ha that’s a nice one. We’re still under lockdowns here in Malaysia, and I’m not looking forward to when we have to go back out and socialise again. Am having quite a good time as an introvert. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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  2. I’m still wary of inviting friends, so just sticking to family for now. But even that’s not safe.

    We have Covid in the house again. My eighteen year old grandson finished sixth form and with friends from his school bubble went on a legal celebratory coach trip to London for the weekend. He returned with Covid and passed it to his fifteen year old sister. Given their age it’s surprising how poorly they both are, their vaccinated parents have remained well.

    Fortunately, living at my own side I hadn’t had any very recent contact with either of them so have no need to isolate, but the week before I’d been helping out with school runs!

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