Little Red Pelargonium

Last year I had two supermarket-bought pelargoniums growing in pots indoors, but after a while they really weren’t looking happy wherever I put them. Eventually all their leaves yellowed and fell off and they just looked bald and sad, so earlier this year, worried I might kill them off altogether if I wasn’t careful, I finally decided to plant them outside in the garden instead and just wait and see what might happen.

They both limped on bravely until all their remaining leaves totally disappeared, but still I left the ailing plants where they were. For the longest time my pelargonium plants appeared to be nothing but wizened brown stumps in the ground. However come early summer, although one of my plants was most definitely dead and already disintegrating back into the earth, the other was showing the tiniest stirrings of life and so I left it where it was to see if it would begin to grow properly again.

Over the next while it just sat there in an odd kind of stubborn limbo, a bit green and a bit brown, neither fully alive nor fully dead, so after much deliberation I dug it up a few weeks ago and moved it to a different spot in the garden… And here it is today, no more than about 3 inches high, but with healthy green leaves and red flowers again! 🙂

Flower of the Day


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