I’m feeling tired a lot just now. It’s been over eight months since I caught Covid, and although I’m definitely loads better now I’m still not quite beyond being caught up by the last lingering tendrils of Long Covid, holding me tight within its tenacious grasp, never quite completely letting go.

After having been made redundant earlier this year and basically taking the summer off to recuperate I’ve recently found myself a new job, a part time temporary role in a retail clothing store (covering maternity leave), and even though I’m not working overly long hours or too many days in a row I’m still feeling ridiculously tired at the extra energy expenditure. Not the yawning, not-had-enough-sleep, gritty-eyes tired or the done-loads-and-feel-good tired but the bone-weary, brain-dead, limbs-set-in-concrete, dragging-myself-around Covid tired.

I cope reasonably well with it while at work, doing my best to push through it all with a smile then come home and rest… and rest… and then rest some more. I’ll get there in the end, but right now it’s disappointing feeling so exhausted by a perfectly manageable little part time job… 🙂

9 thoughts on “Tired…

    1. I keep telling myself it can’t last forever, and every week I keep trying to do a bit more than the week before… But oh, sometimes I feel it’s as tiring emotionally as it is physically 😦


  1. Oh, Ruth, I’m really sorry that you are continuing to struggle.

    I was finally contacted by a long Covid clinic, named Covid Rehabilitation, but they are too busy and can’t give me appointment just yet, so will contact me in November with an offer of an appointment. I hope to be rid of this by then!

    I really don’t see the point either apart from contributing to the study. My GP says they will offer techniques to cope with the effects of Covid. I think you’ll agree that after all this time we’ve learned to develop our own ways of dealing with it.

    It will be nine months this weekend since my first Covid symptoms.

    Today, I have far more good days than bad ones, but even on good days the fatigue kicks in too easily and in just the way you describe, and the muscle aches in my arm refuse to go away and that is a hindrance. I didn’t realise how often I lift up my arms or how often I stretch the arm to scratch my back!

    Do you find the heat also affects your breathing?

    The more I think about the effects the virus has had on so many of us, the more convinced I am that this is man-made. Nothing to do with conspiracy theories, I don’t read them.

    Anyway, Ruth, I hope relief comes your way soon. 🙂

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