Weekly Smile: 13 September 2021

Things that have made me smile this week include:

Celebrating our wedding anniversary with a lovely home-cooked meal and a glass (or two) of fizz;

Enjoying our new Egyptian cotton bedding set and new duvet fill – Ooh, right now it feels like sleeping under a soft fluffy cloud, cosy and comfortable – sheer bliss;

Having our new washing machine and tumble drier delivered – yes I know it’s very housewifely of me to be so pleased about household gadgets but seriously, it makes life so much easier to have practical items in the home that work efficiently and effectively behind the scenes;

Finally feeling like I’m really settling in properly to my new job, one month in. There’s always something uncomfortably unsettling about feeling like the new girl, unsure of the specific processes and procedures of that particular environment, but inevitably it always takes a little time to become truly proficient in any new role šŸ™‚

Weekly Smile


9 thoughts on “Weekly Smile: 13 September 2021

  1. They all sound like great smiles – happy anniversary! A couple of months ago I actually did a smile post about having a washer and drier installed, so I don’t feel that is too house-wifely at all!

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