The Waiting Game…

Impatiently I clock-watch, counting time

Each taunting tick precise, accentuates

Reality like slow motion sublime

With bated breath in-drawn, exaggerates

I feel my heart-beat loudly fill my chest

With rhythmic regularity at base

Internal cadence pulsing without rest

As in-built metronome increases pace

Distressed, I try my best just to distract

My mind from life-blood pounding fast and fleet

But can’t escape the solid soundless fact

This ‘now’ exists, exquisitely complete

The time has come where I can only wait

Till time itself unfolds, reveals my fate…


7 thoughts on “The Waiting Game…

    1. Thanks Lorraine… my poorly 8-year-old grandson is in hospital at the moment and we were waiting to hear how things went as he was going through a difficult procedure under general anaesthetic… scary stuff just waiting and feeling so helpless, so I wrote a poem about it 🙂

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      1. Thankyou for explaining Ruth. I could feel the stress coming through thenpoem.

        I am so sorry about your grandson. that certainly IS stressful, and scary too. It is heartbreaking when little ones are ill and in hospital too. I do hope he is ok Ruth.
        Lsebding love to you, and to him too. ❤️

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