Review… Who Knew…?

December is usually the month I review the year that has just passed, a kind of individual, personal retrospective from my own point of view. Not at the end of the month, like many do for the approaching new year, but at the beginning, around the time of my birthday. I like to think a lot about how I’d expected the year to go against how it has actually unfolded, about the good bits and the bad bits and all the bits in between, and start to think about all my nascent hopes and fears for the upcoming next year ahead…

And I have to say in pretty much every aspect of life 2021 has not exactly been the year I had anticipated way back when. After all the global worry and confusion and stop-start lock-downs of the Covid-19 pandemic during 2020 I’d hoped 2021 would be more upbeat, more positive… more post-Covid normal again… But of course who knew that, for me at least, 2020 was only the precursor for the even bigger shit-show that has been 2021.

Positives include my husband celebrating his 60th birthday and my son being able to come to visit us for a week over the summer, which was wonderful – my son lives in the area of Scotland that has had the worst of Covid restrictions applied to its residents throughout this pandemic, so I really appreciated being able to see him in the flesh for the first time in almost a year. Oh yes, and I started a new job at the end of the summer – just a temporary contract covering someone’s maternity leave, but better than nothing…

Negatives include me catching Covid very early in January, not bad enough to be hospitalised but debilitating enough for it to have developed seamlessly into Long Covid, the last dregs of which I’m still not quite clear of, 11 months on. And then I was made redundant in the Spring, worrying enough for anyone but for me in my late 50s and now with Long Covid I worried I might not be able to find another company willing to take me on, although thankfully that particular worry turned out to be fruitless.

Additionally my ongoing slowly-worsening long-term hip pain has recently been diagnosed as osteo-arthritis, which I’m frustratedly coming to terms with while limping along with painfully reduced mobility. Sadly my dad’s dementia has definitely got a lot worse this year, the deterioration in his mental capacity is striking but not surprising, and after a bad fall at home he’s currently in our local hospital and will now have to go into long-term care afterwards rather than return home.

And worst of all my very poorly 8-year-old grandson (who has two long-term health conditions) is also currently in hospital with his mum there to look after him, but this time 100 miles away from the rest of his family and with a very serious surgery looming on the horizon for him early in the new year, so health-wise it’s been a worrying time for our close-knit little family.

I suppose having had my two Covid vaccines plus booster has to count as one of the good things, too? But needing to have them at all is not – and right now with this new Omicron variant spreading like wildfire, what hope is there for Covid being any less of a concern for everyone in 2022?

So I think this year I should maybe just forget about trying to think ahead to next year, and just take it all as it comes, because we’ve got no way of knowing what the world will have in store for us in the future… We are where we are, like it or not, and it will be what it will be…

Stream of Consciousness Saturday: ‘Rev’


20 thoughts on “Review… Who Knew…?

  1. Your family has a lot to deal with during this year. I hope your grandson recovers soon and well. It’s in our nature to look ahead with hope but if anything, the last two years have taught us to be very cautious in what we expect. Hugs.

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  2. Your very sensible Ruth. We must be grateful for the good things we have and have happened and grateful that the bad things are no worse than they actually are. I hope that came out how I meant it πŸ’œπŸ’œ

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  3. You’ve had a terrible year Ruth. At least my problems have just been remained connected to Covid. I forgot to say Happy Birthday last week, apologies for that. All the best for the weeks ahead, the months and the year. πŸ™‚

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  4. Wishing you and your family an easier and better year to come and a successful operation and recovery for your grandson too πŸ’›πŸ™

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  5. So glad you got to see your son! And so sorry about COVID. I, too, have struggled with long-tail COVID–fatigue, mainly. I did do some things that helped–let me know if you want to email offline.

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    1. Thank you – as you say, it is the fatigue that still lingers longest. Currently I’m doing OK with it all, finding my improvement is slow but steady enough as time passes πŸ™‚

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