Jane Austen’s Heroines

With perfect language, carefully polite
Jane Austen’s heroines all hold their own
Societal conventions bind them tight –
Behave as ought or reputation’s flown.
In modest clothing, virginal, demure
Sweet innocence, with countenance so chaste
Correctly dressed they sit, erect and pure
All model females of the human race.
But underneath blood flows through passioned veins
Romantic love remains their heart’s desire
They will not settle for a lesser gain
Good friendships set their marriage beds on fire…
With sweaty limbs entwined in crumpled sheets
Jane Austen’s heroines find life complete…

The inspiration for this poem came from Chelsea Owens ‘Terrible Poetry Contest’ which this week asks for a sonnet about a period/ historical romance. However it seems I find it too difficult to deliberately write a bad poem – I mean, my poems might be bad, but I don’t think they are truly terrible in the way Chelsea wants them to be! Still, inspiration is inspiration, so there we go, and at least I tried… 🙂


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