SOCS: April A-Z Challenge

I usually love to take part in the annual April Blogging from A-Z Challenge, but this year I’m just not sure if I have the mental energy to give it the thought and time it deserves.

Life has become quite complicated for me lately and blogging has inevitably taken a back seat while I attend to the real life family issues unfolding in the background, so if I did attempt to take part I’m really not sure I’d be able to complete the entire challenge?

I suppose I could always reduce the complexity of it all by choosing a far simpler theme compared to previous years? One that needs far less forward planning and much less research? After all it’s not a competition, and it might be easier just to compose shorter daily posts on the fly?

I’m not sure yet what I’ll do, maybe instead of signing up formally I’ll just wait and see what April brings, and take it from there, day by day? 🙂

Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Comp

9 thoughts on “SOCS: April A-Z Challenge

  1. I opted out last year for similar reasons. I couldn’t come up with a theme this year, and have my By Special Request project going anyway. I figure the challenge will still be there when we’re ready again.


  2. We’d love to have you join us for A to Z in whatever capacity you can make it. Although the theme reveal ends on Monday, the signup doesn’t start until March 30 and runs through the foillowing Saturday. I understand if life is happening, but If you find the time and energy after all you have going on, feel free to join us!

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  3. I’m also contemplating the A to Z (have done it,, albeit a long time ago), and like you I’m torn. I guess we’ll both see on April 1? Good job on the prompt, and I tried to play along here in the comments like others did but couldn’t muster it. 🙂

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    1. Maybe rather than planning for posting all 26 letters on time as the only marker of success, this year I’ll count being able to participate in any way at all as a success… taking the pressure off but keeping the motivation 🙂


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