April A-Z: A is for Ageing

I have a fridge magnet that reads ‘Do not regret growing older, it’s a privilege denied to many.’ So whenever I’m feeling fed up with focusing too much on all the irritating little health niggles and aches and pains that accompany my ageing body, I remind myself just how lucky I am to still be here to have seen my three children grow up, and in turn spend time with my six grandchildren as they grow up. I’ve never had great health, ever since my earliest childhood, so ageing may be bringing me different problems to deal with but in a way it’s just more of the same frustrations as ever but in a different format. And personally I find having been around the block more than a few times brings me a different perspective than I had in my youth, an understanding and a deeper level of patience that comes from having had that much more life experience than before… 🙂

Life events have conspired to pull me away from blogging over the last couple of months, and the idea of taking part in this year’s April Blogging from A-Z Challenge seems like a good way to try to get back into the habit of reading and posting regularly. Originally I thought of just using any old random words to go with the particular letter of the day, but realistically without a clear theme to work towards I’m not sure I’d be able to keep my focus for a full month… So instead I’ve opted for a relatively simple, if slightly self-indulgent work-around: This year I’ll be posting 26 things about me, nothing too taxing to write about yet still fulfilling the brief!

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