April A-Z: T is for Ticking

Ooh, but I do love a ticking clock – thankfully so does my husband! With individual smartphones taking over all things time-related these days it seems so many people don’t even have communal clock-face clocks in their homes any more, or if they do they prefer something battery operated, maybe even silent. We certainly have a couple of retro-style battery wall clocks ourselves – one in the kitchen and one in the dining room, and both of those have a pleasant quiet ticking sound. But I grew up with those old-fashioned proper clockwork clocks you had to wind up regularly, and personally I still love to hear a mechanically ticking clock.

We have an old Art Deco style mantel clock in the living room that you wind with a big brass key – we bought it second-hand in a charity shop – and it not only ticks loudly but it chimes, too, although the chime mechanism can be switched off (with a little lever) if you really don’t like it. My paternal grandparents had a huge mahogany grandfather clock in their hall with a really deep, resonant tick that seemed to be the heartbeat of the house. Maybe that’s why I find ticking clocks so reassuring, to me they’re the living heartbeat of the house, so I find the perpetual rhythm comforting… residual memories of being in the womb, perhaps?

Life events have conspired to pull me away from blogging over the last couple of months, and the idea of taking part in this year’s April Blogging from A-Z Challenge seems like a good way to try to get back into the habit of reading and posting regularly. Originally I thought of just using any old random words to go with the particular letter of the day, but realistically without a clear theme to work towards I’m not sure I’d be able to keep my focus for a full month… So instead I’ve opted for a relatively simple, if slightly self-indulgent work-around: This year I’ll be posting 26 things about me, nothing too taxing to write about yet still fulfilling the brief!


8 thoughts on “April A-Z: T is for Ticking

  1. Wow such a great take on ticking clocks..u reminded the grandfather clock my grandparents had…they also had a pendulum clock …the oscillating pendulum gives such a classy touch to it …i hav vivid memories of grandpa wounding it once in while….i need to ask my uncle and see if they still have it..u revived many memories for me 🙂 however on present day in my room i don’t prefer ticking clocks
    as am a very light sleeper..

    Dropping by from a to z “The Pensive”

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  2. I had an uncle who used to make grandfather clocks. Lots of them. He would sell them or give them away to family members for gifts. Some did tick, a lot did chime. We have an old mantle clock of my hubby’s parents that does chime, but currently no ticking clocks here. It can be soothing though to listen to them. We had a bird clock one time that did bird sounds at the top of the hour. Drive our previous corgi crazy. We finally had to turn that part of the clock off.


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