The Long and the Short of it…

Fandango asks for his Provocative Question this week:

Do you have a preference with respect to the length of blog posts you read? Does the number of words in a post affect how you read it or even if you will read it? What is your average post length?

I suppose on average I tend to prefer reading shorter posts, including flash fiction, although occasionally I do read longer posts, especially personal stories. I suppose as a rule the subject matter matters most to me, and the style and tone of writing – in general something too densely written is rarely read by me regardless of length.

Mind you a lot of the people I follow tend to post images, or poetry, or share their personal opinions on topical issues – snapshots and snippets of everyday life rather than journalistic style articles or full fictional stories.

I can ramble on along with the best of them at times but to be honest I have no idea what the average length of my posts might be – I don’t pay attention to my stats, and have no interest in checking my dashboard to find out… šŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “The Long and the Short of it…

  1. Like you, I gravitate towards the shorter, especially if the blogger is prolific. (For the very prolific, I’ve had to set a meter on the number of their posts I will read a day.) But my preference for short is also ironic and hypocritical, since I can bang out 1000 words in 2 minutes. šŸ™‚

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    1. Actually you’ve given me real food for thought there… Your posts are only ever as long as they need to be, Dan, and are always enjoyable, informative, and often educational – and you never waffle, so perhaps total word count in and of itself is not the only factor in making a post feel ‘long’ when I’m reading it? Perhaps it’s as much to do with the overall ratio of what is being said to the number of words it takes to say it? šŸ™‚

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