Comments MIA…

OK so something weird has been happening with my WordPress recently – if you have a free site it seems I can follow you and comment on your posts as usual, but if you have a name domain paid for site, things don’t seem to be working in the same way for me any more?

Even if I’ve previously been following and liking and commenting on your posts without any hassles at all, now although I can still ‘like’ a post on your blog, if I try to leave a comment WordPress wants me to ‘log in’ first, but when I do so it tells me my email and log-in is incorrect, even though I’m using exactly the same email and log in as I always have done…

So sometimes it seems to (arbitrarily) allow my comment to post, while at other times it refuses to allow it, leaving me no choice but to give up and not comment after all… Grrr…!

And to add insult to injury, this morning I commented on a post by a blogger I’ve followed happily without problems for eight years, only for WordPress to tell me I was not logged in, that my email and log in were incorrect – and as a result my comment was posted as ‘anonymous’ instead of as me… FFS…!

Is this because I continue to have a free site? Is this an underhanded way of WordPress forcing me pay for blogging ‘privileges’ like interacting with other bloggers that previously were mine by right?

Either way, if I used to comment regularly on your posts and now seem to have nothing much to say on your site, please be aware it is possibly WordPress that seems intent on silencing me rather than me losing interest…


19 thoughts on “Comments MIA…

  1. I have this sometimes too and it’s so annoying isn’t it. I pay for a Personal blog but don’t bother with the domain , and I am glad I don’t as you are not the first to say they are difficult to post on!

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  2. Is this an issue when using your iPhone? I’ve had this issue with WordPress when using my iPhone for almost three years, since November 2019. I can like and comment on blogs with “” in the address, but if they don’t, I can like and comment when I read the posts in my Reader, but if I visit the actual blog, I have to go through extra steps when I like or comment on posts and in some cases, I can’t comment at all. WordPress blames Apple for its security features, but I think it’s a WordPress issue and they just won’t admit it.

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    1. I don’t have an i-phone, I use android – but I blog mainly on my HP laptop, using Firefox as a browser, and I can guarantee my issue has NOTHING to do with Apple, because I don’t use it! I’m sure it’s a WordPress issue, for whatever reason… 😦

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  3. As a few have suggested, this isn’t a glitch or a bug, but a WP “feature” that tends to come and go. I’ve had this happen in the past and it goes away eventually as mysteriously as it arrives. Hopefully.

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    1. I hope so, because the interaction with other bloggers is why I enjoy blogging so much – if I can’t always comment when I want to on around half the blogs I follow, then what’s the point?

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  4. Are you using an iPad or iPhone?
    Some months ago my iPad began doing the same thing following an Apple update. I found a way around it by using Google instead of Safari or Firefox. However, there is a knack to it.

    Click the W (wordpress icon) on the right side. the page will flash as if turning a page, when it returns you will be able to post a comment as normal.
    The only problem with Google is I now waste time reading all the junk news items!

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      1. I use my computer for writing and never have a problem with commenting, but I almost always use my iPad to read and comment first thing in the mornings with my coffee (a habit I’ve got into) or early evening when the computer is switched off.

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  5. The whole “logged into WordPress” status is a mystery. I think they are grappling with the fact that the way they tracked logins from site to site. The have traditionally relied on third-party cookies, but browsers are increasingly blocking those these days. I get “Anonymous” comments on almost every blog post. Sometimes, I recognize who the commenter is, but I don’t understand why they can comment three days as themselves and one day they aren’t recognized.

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