Share Your World: 15 Aug 2022

Do you prefer to live in a single-storey property like a bungalow, a high rise apartment, or a house?

Right now we live in a lovely 1930s bungalow – our personal choice, this is hopefully our forever home so we wanted to be sure to buy somewhere without stairs we could safely grow old in. But over the years I’ve lived variously in houses, bungalows, farm cottages, and a first floor flat – never in a high-rise though.

If you won a large amount of money on the lottery, would you want publicity or keep things quiet and low key?

I’ve often wondered that myself? I’m not generally someone who likes a fuss made about things so quiet and low-key sounds more like me, but if it was a particularly large amount of money that would alter the rest of my life completely, I’m not so sure… Maybe then I’d want to share the news of my good fortune with the whole world, who knows?

How do you like your eggs?

Ha! I’ve shared this one before, so some of you may have heard it already – but honestly, it is a true story!

Back in my younger single days, on one occasion I was invited over to spend the evening with a man I was quite keen on at the time. I told him that sounded fun, but asked how late was he expecting me to stay? He smiled a knowing smile and said ‘Well put it this way, how do you like your eggs in the morning?’ to which I replied, dead-pan, without missing a beat, ‘Preferably unfertilised…’ 🙂

If cars were no longer available, what would be your choice of transport?

Taking the question literally, we don’t own a car now, so how we travel depends mainly on distance – for short distances we walk, for medium distance trips we take a bus, or for longer journeys a train. Or for going to America to visit my in-laws, we take an airplane. But if the question relates to a future world with no engines using up precious energy at all, I’d walk, or own a horse, or sail away into the sunset using wind power, just like everyone did in the past…

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