The Journey Begins… Again!

I really used to enjoy art at school, and was actually reasonably OK at it, but of course it’s been over 40 years since I left school and whatever nascent artistic talent and skill I was in the throes of developing at that point hasn’t exactly stayed poised ready to pour easily from paintbrush to paper just because I’ve decided I wanted to try painting again as an adult!

It’s been two whole years since I last picked up my water-colours… August 2020 was the last time I attempted to paint anything, and even then I only managed a grand total of three colour studies – a rather flat-looking thistle, some not-too-bad plums, and a thoroughly underwhelming landscape view of Inverness – before disappointedly packing my paints away again, wishing I hadn’t bothered…

And before that it was… God knows, probably almost a decade ago that I first thought seriously about trying to take up water-colour painting as a hobby in my later years? I think on that earlier occasion I’d only managed about three paintings before giving up then, too. What stopped me both times was probably a simple fear of failure – sadly I found it easier to give up at the first hurdle than to struggle on feeling not good enough.

So here I am trying once more to learn how to paint with water-colours, still struggling with it but at least this time (over this last week or so) I’ve achieved more than three paintings and haven’t given up yet! They’re not great, my initial efforts – I’m sharing this one here not because I think it’s good but because I realise it’s probably going to be a long journey to get to even close to where I want to be, this is where I’m at currently, and I have to start somewhere… 🙂

Weekly Prompts: Journey

8 thoughts on “The Journey Begins… Again!

  1. I love it Ruth, the thing I’ve found about painting is that the artist is the most critical of there own work whilst the viewer sees so much more. Paint for pleasure not perfection and I think you will really enjoy it. x

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    1. To be honest I seem to have a bit of an emotional block about it, but I’m trying to work through it… You’re definitely an inspiration to all of us, Elaine ❤

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    1. Thanks Sue, I think I need to develop my confidence as much as anything… and to do that I have to keep on practicing until I improve, and not give up this time 🙂

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