Light Touch Coastal Scene

Trying out a more delicate touch today on a water-colour coastal scene, starting off with some wax resist grasses to lighten the overall effect – I’m quite happy with the general feel of it now it’s dried, it’s certainly not nearly as ‘heavy’ a covering of pigment on paper as I’ve been painting with recently so it feels a little bit pale and insipid… But then again, maybe that weathered washed-out-ness is perfectly appropriate for a soft sea-scape?

Word of the Day: Coastal


14 thoughts on “Light Touch Coastal Scene

    1. I seem to want to have both things at the same time – not only have the lovely light translucence of water-colour, but also have the strong, solid, more vibrant colours of an opaque medium like gouache… so I suppose I have to learn to choose just one style for each painting and stick with it…

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