JusJoJan: Amenities

In any home, two of the most important amenities to be found are the bathroom and the kitchen.

In our home, we knew when we moved in three and a half years ago that at some point, both the master bathroom and kitchen would have to be not only updated but replaced. But, oh, how difficult it is to decide exactly what to do with them! We look at kitchen designs and bathroom designs and just when I think we might have made a decision on what may be best, we change our minds again. That level of renovation and remodeling is just so expensive it’s really important to make the right choice – the right style, the right colour, the right feel

Neither room currently works as well as we would like, but neither doesn’t work, either, so in one sense there’s no rush, but in another way we’re in danger of having got so used to it as it is, we almost don’t notice the inconvenience any more… almost… but not quite… πŸ™‚

JusJoJan: Amenities


10 thoughts on “JusJoJan: Amenities

  1. Have you approached several kitchen and bathroom companies? You can expect to get free design plans from all.
    You could then choose the best design and approach somewhere like Wicks. They have a good reputation and are far cheaper than some others. Shop around, everyone provides free designs.

    Just a word of warning, don’t go for the in-frame kitchen design, you lose vital inches/cm on the width of the opening, not good for narrow cupboards and wider gadgets.
    That was my mistake. My nephew who has a kitchen and bathroom firm provided my kitchen and bathrooms. I wish he’d warned me of the limitations of the in-frame kitchens.

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    1. We currently have a frame-in-frame design and that’s one of the biggest problems I haven’t been able to find a work-around for. It gives me a big kitchen with tiny cupboards and drawers, creating a totally impractical storage space that drives me nuts!

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      1. I know I shouldn’t blame someone else for my choice but I do wish my nephew had pointed out the impracticality of the design.

        I recently had a tall narrow cabinet fitted (again from my nephew). Fortunately, it doesn’t have the inframe design. It houses my gadgets perfectly. Fortunately, there was just enough space to squeeze it in at the end of the line next to the fridge. It looks as though it’s always been there.

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      2. Unfortunately our current kitchen design is definitely a case of form over function, style over substance. It simply doesn’t deliver on its promises on any practical front, so sadly it needs to be replaced in full…

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    1. Part of me wants to play safe with traditional styles in neutral colours, but part of me wants to be creative and really put my own stamp on what I choose. And it’s such an expensive mistake if you decide wrong…

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