The Glow of Gardening

I must admit I’ve never been a gym bunny, I’m just not into treadmills and rowing machines and static cycles, or the kind of en masse exercise classes where everyone does aerobics or hot yoga or zumba together deliberately working up a sweat.

I’m not a naturally sporty girl, either, no running or gymnastics or hockey or netball or badminton or table tennis for me. I do like walking and swimming, although nowadays I have to be careful not to overdo anything with my arthritic hip. I have to do enough to maintain strength in my muscles but not so much that I put any further stress onto my crumbling joint, so it’s just a case of trying to get the balance right between doing and not doing the things I like that keep me active.

I really do enjoy gardening though, it’s such a good way for me to get a reasonably relaxing workout in the fresh air and I usually come in afterwards with a healthy glow in my cheeks, more from satisfaction than exertion… 🙂

JusJoJan: Exercise

Weekly Prompt: Glow


2 thoughts on “The Glow of Gardening

  1. Thank you for taking part, Ruth. I hated hockey at school but enjoyed netball and swimming.

    After having our children, my husband and I took up badminton with a group of friends; neither of us was any good, but we enjoyed it. I began swimming again until a shoulder injury stopped both activities.
    I tried the gym a couple of times and hated it. I tried a women’s fitness class and I hated that too. I also tried running… useless! I’m not cut out for sporty activities! 🙂

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