Blogging from my Phone

I’ve decided to try to blog from my phone, which is not something I’ve done before – well, I’ve occasionally logged on and read and liked some stuff while I’ve been away somewhere, but I’d never tried posting anything new until this morning.

My last three short-but-sweet posts were written and uploaded today via my phone, including images – go me! Except I haven’t yet worked out how to add categories or tags or add links, but I’ll get there eventually, probably through my usual system of trial and error coupled with much frustration and failure along the way.

I’m a bit slow with embracing too much new technology, so I tend to dig my heels in and stick with what I know for a lot longer than I ought to. I don’t like the idea of my technology being so much smarter than me and making decisions for me because it thinks it knows best – I like to be in control of me and exactly what and how I post stuff, so I resist what I consider to be too much ‘helpful interference’, often to my detriment.

Anyway, I’m sure we’ll see soon enough how I get on with my adventures in phone blogging – or not as the case may be – and as time passes we can all start to draw our own conclusions one way or another πŸ™‚

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Draw


Digital Artifacts

Why do WordPress have to mess about with my uploaded images?

I always make sure to resize all my images to a reasonable resolution for online viewing, particularly as I use the free version of WordPress so have an eventual upload limit and like to save space, and yet whenever I try to insert them into my blog post as a tiled gallery they often look all pixelated and full of digital artifacts.

The thing is, once you click on any image in the gallery, all tiled images render perfectly well, so I know it’s not my uploaded images at source that are the problem. I’ve even tried inserting images individually into posts rather than as a gallery, but still they do not render correctly to my chosen resolution – it’s so frustrating.

I probably need to experiment more to find an improved optimum size and resolution for uploading to this particular platform to stop this from happening, but it really annoys me that ultimately WordPress gets to decide how my images display on my blog – surely there should be a setting somewhere to switch off any further image compression for control freaks like me?

Or am I just doing it all wrong in the first place? What does everyone else do to keep their images looking good across their blog? All advice gratefully received… πŸ™‚

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Artifact

Reservations and Lack of Gumption

There are so many thought-provoking subjects I’d like to write multiple blog posts about, but just don’t have the gumption – my reservations relate mainly to the way some topics can act as red rags to a bull and cause no end of upset to others, and being a bit of a people-pleaser myself I find the resulting nastiness in response deeply upsetting to me, so I just don’t bother going there.

Political opinion, religious beliefs, and feminist views in particular seem to rile some people up way beyond sensible discussion and debate, so although I do have quite strong opinions, beliefs and views I find I tend to avoid sharing them online as a rule. But I absolutely love reading what everyone else has to say about all those things I don’t dare write about for myself, and dream of one day being brave enough to join in… πŸ™‚

Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Reservations

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: GumptionΒ 

Rivulets of Thought

I’m having one of those confusing days when I’m questioning why I’m even writing a blog, why I persevere in sharing a little piece of my very ordinary life online every now and then? Is there a proper purpose underlying my very public pondering, or is it more a vein of personal vanity running through my multiple musings month on month?

It’s as though I have all these little rivulets of thought constantly drip, drip dripping out of my head with nowhere particular to go. Some of these random thoughts coalesce with enough creativity to make it onto the page, onto the screen, and ultimately find themselves posted on my blog for posterity, while others simply evaporate into empty nothingness…

Daily Prompt: Rivulet

Keeping On Churning ‘Em Out!

In some ways it’s a great feeling having a brand new blog – turning over a new leaf and all that – but in one major way it’s seriously depressing, and that’s to have lost all my previous followers in one fell swoop.

I know I’ve got no-one to blame but myself, but from that particular perspective it’s tough to be starting all over again from scratch. I guess all I can do is post for my own pleasure as if nothing has changed, just keep on churning ’em out as the mood takes me and be patient.

Only time will tell if this new blog will succeed or fail, but however it turns out, I intend to have fun finding out! πŸ™‚

Daily Prompt: Churn

My New Blog

I’ve been on a bit of a generalised blogging and social media break for the past month or so, as I’ve been thinking for a while about reducing my online presence overall. It all just feels too much sometimes, struggling to be a real live person in an increasingly stressful real world while also maintaining multiple virtual versions of myself floating about mischievously in the ether getting up to God knows what when I’m not looking.

So this morning I finally deleted (not just deactivated) my personal Facebook account after ten years on that particular platform. And while I was in the swing of it, I also deleted a separate, dormant Facebook account linked to a long-dormant blog I first began four years ago but used for only seven months. Both accounts gone without a backward glance, a decade’s worth of data set to disappear in due course from its all-too-comfortable cushiony cloud.

So I thought I may as well log back in to WordPress and delete that original long-dormant blog at source. Then while I was in the mood I deleted its also-dormant successor too – blog number two had lasted for about a year and a half before I gave up on it. Which brought me neatly on to blog number three, two years old tomorrow yet also languishing abandoned and unloved… what to do with that?

And I decided it too would have to go, as it all feels too cumbersome and unwieldy to continue with, a past weight of digital data I no longer want to be carried forward into my future. But rather than give up on my lovely WordPress community altogether I’ve decided to start again anew, quietly and with a conscious effort to keep things deliberately low-maintenance for now, and take it from there.

This blog will become my one and only online outlet for whatever content I choose to share with the World Wide Web, but I’ve kept my old profile pic so that old friends on here can still recognise me even with my new site name and address. I’ve not got much idea at the moment exactly what form any new content might take, but I’m sure something will appear on the page, sooner or later… watch this space! πŸ™‚