Why Do We Blog?

What drives us to blog? Is it a clear-cut thing, or is it more complicated? For some people blogging is about writing, for others it’s about photography, or an online outlet for sharing artistic creativity. And for some of us it’s just a wonderful way for introverts like me to socialise with a global community from the comfort of their own homes 🙂

JusJoJan 23: Drive

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Clear

JusJoJan: Three Weeks In

I’ll be honest, I’m not finding keeping up with Just Jot it January this year as easy as I’d thought. Posting something every day is one thing, but posting something specific to fit a particular prompt is something else. Some of my posts I’m really happy with, but some feel a bit scraggly, a bit thin on content, a bit lacking in interest, not quite valid. But you know what, I’ve come this far, so I’ll just keep going, and see how it goes for the rest of the month… 🙂

Monday Peeve: WordPress

I like to follow bloggers using the WordPress ‘follow’ button, that then ensures any posts by this person will show up in my newsfeed or reader list or whatever the hell it’s called, right? Wrong! Or rather, not always, and apparently not forever. Sometimes I’ll think, oh, I wonder if (whoever) is OK, I haven’t seen any posts from them for a while? So I make a point of searching out their blog and low and behold, there are posts aplenty. Just not in my reader. For some reason it appears WordPress has decided I am no longer following them. Maybe sometimes they’ve changed to another blog name, or have added a secondary blog, or have bought their own domain name or something, but sometimes there is no discernible reason for the sudden absence of ‘follow’? Hardly a life and death problem, I know, but nevertheless it’s a peeve I could well do without in my life…

Monday Peeve

Intentions and Possibilities

My intention was to take part in the Just Jot it January challenge and post something sensible with words every day of the month. We’re not even a whole week in and already I’m playing catch up. I had to squeeze 1, 2 and 3 together in one post, actually managed 4 on time (hurrah!), but here we are with 5 and 6 together, a bloggy twofer yet again saying nothing much of note. I wonder, what is the possibility of me actually getting through this year’s JusJoJan? At this rate, not a snowball’s chance in Hell…:-)

JusJoJan 5: Intention

JusJoJan 6: Possibility

'How Now Brown Cow' and Other Silliness

Howdy. Wow, well whaddya know, I’m already showing myself up. Not such a wise owl after all, more like a headless fowl.

The random flowering of abstract craziness grown from seeds blown in on the wind and sown far below the surface of my rational thought has come up with the all-time low of repeatedly howling ‘How now brown cow‘ and other silliness in a powerfully rowdy voice for this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday and JusJoJan 4 prompt, drowning out all potential slowing down of this fast-flowing ‘ow‘ crowded post.

Editing is not allowed and I feel my furrowed brow frown. What a blow. Hardly a glowing success or crowning glory. So I guess I’ll just bow out now before you all throw me out and disown me…

PS Hopefully in due course there will be far more sensible posts to follow 🙂

JusJoJan 3-in-1 Triple Whammy

I had decided last week to make a definite effort to take part in this year’s Just Jot it January by posting every day of the month, but here we are on January 3rd and I’ve not got off to the best start by having posted none of it as yet… Oops! So I’m creating a 3-in-1 triple whammy post for today, yesterday and the day before that, and hopefully will get my act together enough to take it forward from there… 🙂

JusJoJan 1: One Liner Wednesday

Happy New Year everyone! ❤

JusJoJan 2: Photo

Not a very exciting photograph, it’s just towels drying on my washing line, but honestly however old-fashioned it is I really love the fresh-airy smell of washing dried outside on the line… 🙂

JusJoJan 3: Poke

I grew up knowing a paper cone of chips bought from a proper chip shop to be ‘a poke of chips’… Mmmm…! Not skinny cold potato crisps, and definitely not McDonald’s or KFC style US reconstituted French Fries either. This is the UK version of chips – thick cut, deep fried fingers of fresh real potato drenched in lashings of salt and vinegar and eaten out of the paper cone with greasy fingers and a huge smile of satisfaction 🙂

Staccato and S…L…O…W…

I’ve not been blogging much lately. It’s not necessarily that I’ve got nothing at all to say at the moment, but more that I’ve currently got no easy way to say any of it!

We’re temporarily staying (gratefully) at my parent’s home until we can move into our new house (just under four weeks to go and counting) and frustratingly for us their recalcitrant rural internet connection seems content to see-saw sarcastically between only two speeds – momentarily staccato/ sulking and mind-numbingly s…l…o…w…

It either oscillates in and out of an irritatingly intermittent sine-wave signal in an indecisive Vicky Pollard ‘yeah-but, no-but, yeah-but, no-but’ online/ offline fashion, or alternatively hangs for what feels forever in a treadmill of never-ending nothingness until it gives up the ghost in disgust however many times I ‘retry’ as requested – so either way computer definitely says no.

Words strung into a simple sentence or so it can just about manage to upload at a push, but images of any sort it seriously struggles with, and right now it all feels too much effort to bother much with. So I’m still here in the background, slogging along more than blogging along, temporarily silenced for the time being, building up a backlog of posts…

Prepare potentially to be inundated by a veritable tidal wave of blog posts at a later date once we’re settled into our new home – so please continue to watch this space! 🙂