Our First Snowdrops

Our first snowdrops in our garden – small but perfectly formed! 🙂

Flower of the Day

The Power of Colour

‘Colour is a power which directly influences the soul’

Wassily Kandinsky

I wonder sometimes why I love being surrounded with colour so much, and frequently the answer that comes most often straight to mind is ‘Because your internal life is so grey’. I choose to colour my world in bright and strong and vibrant hues, almost proving a point to myself that yes, I can do colour, while inside I regularly feel nothing more than shrouded in a subdued, moody monochrome.

Depression does not provide a sunny-day-colour internal landscape, nor even allow for a veiled silvery sheen like muted moonlight in a clear night sky. Instead it smears my soul with thick, sticky mud, soaks my very fabric with foul, clouded misery until the sheer weight drags me down and I feel chilled to the bone, infused with a deadly damp that refuses to warm my sad, aching heart.

But I refuse to be beaten. And so I keep trying hard to bring colour to my life on the outside, in the hope that some of it may seep inward slightly, brightening the edges my dark dull mood…

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The Secret Garden

It’s Sunday, and here I am with my Stream of Consciousness Saturday post, a day late and a dollar short – yesterday just kinda ran away from me! This week Linda has asked us to take the name of the last movie we watched and write a post inspired by the title – sounds fun, except I haven’t really watched many moves lately. My TV watching has been in more bite-sized chunks.

Anyway, the last movie I watched that I can think of immediately is ‘The Secret Garden’ – it was one of my favourite books as a child, and although I’m not usually keen on films of books this particular 1993 adaptation has always hit just the right note for me. I hadn’t seen it for years, but it was on over the holiday period so I indulged myself with a trip down memory lane.

So onto my interpretation of today’s prompt… My new garden is proving to be a bit of a secret garden at the moment. We only moved in last October, so very much at the end of the growing season, and have no idea what’s under the soil waiting to surprise us. I know we have roses, and a fuchsia bush, and a very old, woody lavender. There’s a largish rhododendron (I recognise it from the leaves) and a couple of fruit trees, apple and plum. But other than that, it’s a bit of a mystery.

I’ve long ago tidied up the flower beds for winter, pruned stuff back and removed dead and dried foliage, but other than that have left it all pretty much alone, dormant for the duration. And here we are into a new year, and already I can see spring bulbs coming through in the front garden – no idea what they might turn out to be, so it’s going to be fun waiting to find out! 🙂

On the Hunt for Joy: Outside

Cee has started a new challenge – On The Hunt for Joy – and for this week the topic is to get outside 🙂 I only had my phone camera with me yesterday while out for a walk around and about the countryside at my parents’ house, but I happily captured a couple of images of still-frosted foliage untouched by winter sunshine, the landscape in which I was walking, bright red berries, and something faded and knitted wrapped around a barbed wire fence 🙂