Pot Hole

Underneath the multiple layers of disintegrating tarmac on this city back-street, it’s possible to see the original road surface of granite setts still sitting perfectly in place.

I’m old enough to remember when driving over city streets like this one meant car tires rumbling loudly over the regular pattern of smooth-worn stones making a very distinctive sound, so it’s nice to see that underneath the modern road surface they still exist after all these years!

This particular pot-hole is actually quite deep so hopefully will be repaired soon, but is surprisingly circular in shape so I captured it with my phone camera while I still could 🙂

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Circles or Curves

Clouds in Many Guises

Over the years I’ve photographed many clouds – some white and puffy, some glowing orange with the setting sun, some dark and brooding, some seriously strange in shape and some just plain weird…

I’m learning to paint at the moment, and have been working with using photographs as reference images – but sometimes I think if I painted clouds the way they actually looked, no-one would believe me! 🙂

Weekly Prompts: Clouds