Weekly Smile: 6 Feb 2023

We’ve had some really weird sunset skies this week – this particular view was taken from my daughter’s back doorstep last night. Lots of pink and orange striations glowing on a purplish backdrop, hovering over dark finger clouds dotted and dashed beneath. Then in no time at all the colour just faded away as we watched, leaving ghostly monochrome stripes stretching across the heavens.

It was a lovely end to a lovely day spent together with my eldest daughter and her family, with grandchildren and pets and love and laughter… So that’s my smile for this week, precious time spent with family and a memorable sunset to mark the occasion ❤

Weekly Smile


Last on the Card: Jan 2023

One last hurrah pic taken yesterday for the pink tulips and roses sitting in a vase on my kitchen dresser was the ‘last on the card’ for my mobile phone last month…

And a really fuzzy artsy-fartsy version from my camera from the other day, playing about with being a bit different! 🙂

Last on the Card

Hand Made

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week has the topic of hands and paws. So here is my right hand holding the crochet hook I’m using to make my new blanket. Of course, without my left hand to help pass the yarn over the hook I’m not technically actively crocheting at the precise moment of taking the pic, so it’s a bit of a fudge on an action shot – but it is actually my hand posed (and poised) in the process of creating a hand made item! 🙂