Cactus Flower

My cactus flower again for today’s Flower of the Day 🙂

River Lights: Fast Shutter Speed

I used a fast lens hand-held this time to try to capture night lights reflected in the river with more vibrancy than with my long exposure image of the other day. Hmmm… Perhaps the colours do look a bit clearer and sharper here, but nevertheless I think overall I still prefer the soft smoothness of the water in the long exposure shot… Sigh…! Back to the drawing board again…! 🙂

Birthday Cactus

Not long after we moved in to our house (mid-October this year) I bought a couple of small Christmas cactuses – I’d really missed having indoor plants at home – and amazingly this morning both have opened their flowers for the first time, in perfect time for my 56th birthday today!

The sun is shining, the weather is mild, and just for the moment the world feels a truly wonderful place to be in 🙂

Weekly Smile

Flower of the Day

Inverness at Night

Every time I walk home across the Victorian footbridge over the River Ness, I look across and think how lovely it must be to capture the lights of the main bridge reflected in the river – so tonight I took my camera for a walk to see how I got on… I even remembered to take my mini tripod, and to set my ISO on as low a setting as possible, and to set the shutter timer to prevent camera shake.

So overall it went OK, in that happily I definitely got loads of sharp images, but nevertheless I find the colours of the lights are disappointing, insipid somehow – the lights on the main bridge change at regular intervals, and although that probably looks great at a fast shutter speed, it seems the quick change almost cancels out the vibrant colour range over a longer exposure…

I’m happy enough with the way this shot turned out, though, and I know I’ll have plenty of opportunities to try and try and try again to get it right, just exactly the way I want it 🙂

Sunday Stroll – Muirtown Locks to Tomnahurich

Today’s walk by the Caledonian Canal in Inverness took me the comfortably walkable distance from Muirtown Locks to Tomnahurich Swing Bridge down one side of the water, then back up along the other. I started at the top of Muirtown Locks where the houses are close to the canal and walked down along the bank, heading inland (although in most of these pics I’ve turned around to keep the low winter sun behind me).

Just past Tomnahurich Cemetery, which is set on and around a natural hill formed millenia ago by glaciers, I crossed the canal by the swing bridge, and started walking up along the other bank, heading back towards the sea.

I followed the edge of the canal all the way back up to just before the Caley Marina, where the path detours a little around private property…

Then just past the Marina I turned and took an atmospheric shot facing back into the sun before reaching the top lock gate at Muirtown Locks (the point I started from), where I crossed the canal once more before my short walk home – a perfect Sundy stroll on a chilly December morning! 🙂