Beach Stones

Beautifully rounded beach stones, smoothed and textured by the tumbling of the waves and collected as we walked along the shore – a lovely (if slightly different) way to be reminded of nature’s beauty 🙂

Before and After

The first image was taken last week, and shows a blooming rose behind, with a small new rosebud in front.

The second image shows the same pairing as seen today, with the old rose petals now faded and falling, and the the new rose blooming in front.

Flower of the Day

Washing Up Water

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week asks for something you make use of every day, so I wanted to find something a bit different…

This is my un-emptied kitchen sink washing up water sitting in a grey plastic basin, surface vibrating gently as the washing machine underneath the counter was building up to its fast spin. I grabbed my phone and captured the shapes made, and was really happy with the effect!

Definitely something I use every day – well, not the same water, obviously, but the basin remains the same 🙂