A-Z Challenge 2019: Reflections

I honestly had such fun completing this year’s April Blogging from A-Z Challenge, and I think for me it was partly to do with my chosen theme – colouring my way through the alphabet.

I really love colouring in, and often post regularly, so the challenge for me was more in choosing creatively which particular designs could go with each letter, rather than the concern about posting something every day. And the beauty of posting images is that they can almost stand alone so you don’t need to worry too much about having to find too many words if you’re in a rush and stuck for something to say.

Also, although I posted each day’s letter in real time, many of the designs included had been coloured in beforehand, but some were completed just in the nick of time! I successfully finished the whole month on schedule too – woo-hoo!

I found other bloggers completing the challenge through the master list (where my blog was also registered), and did my best to check out as many as I could but to be honest I really struggle with commenting, even on those blogs I follow regularly all year round. I’m simply not extrovert enough to feel 100% comfortable just ‘talking’ to strangers out of the blue. So as the month progressed, although I continued to post on my own blog I found I visited fewer and fewer blogs towards the end of the challenge and commented less and less.

I’ll definitely be taking part again next year, though, and will continue to join in as best as I can with whatever format or means of contacting others is used by the team – I might not be your most prolific joiner-in, but I do appreciate all the effort that is put in to setting up this challnge year on year – thank you! 🙂

Z is for Zen

Z is for Zen

Colouring in certainly helps me feel zen, I focus mindfully and creatively on what I’m doing and just let the rhythmic swish swish swish sound of the coloured pencil on the smooth page soothe my soul. I truly enjoy the peace and quiet it brings me, allowing me to slow down my heart rate and just breathe… ❤

Well here we are at the end of this year’s April Blogging from A-Z Challenge! I’ve really enjoyed my daily posts, colouring in through the alphabet. And thank you all for joining in with your many likes and comments – hopefully it might inspire one or two of you to pick up a few pencils (or pens) and a colouring book and get started again yourself! 🙂

Y is for Yacht

Y is for Yacht

I loved the square design of this little boat in a sea of wavy shapes – I’m not in any way a water-borne person so I do appreciate it is probably not actually a yacht at all, but it fits in so well with my penultimate post for this year’s April A-Z Challenge of colouring my way through the alphabet that I just had to include it anyway! 🙂

X is for X-Bones

X is for X-Bones

OK, so not technically a word starting with X, but there is nevertheless an X on the page! My skull and cross-bones from the bottom of the sea, all covered in green slimy weeds… to be honest I’m really disappointed I was in such a plain green mood that day, it looks way more dull and boring than if I was to start colouring it in all over again today 🙂

Almost there with my colouring my way through the alphabet in my 2019 April A-Z Challenge – only Y and Z to go!

W is for Words

W is for Words

Hmmm… I found a self-styled swear-word colouring-in book for sale online a while ago so decided to order it and give it a go… All I can say about it is, much of what counts as ‘swear words’ in the book designer’s lexicon are no more than cringingly embarrassing playground name-calling words I’d never EVER use in a month of Sundays – not at all sweary, just childishly stupid! Anyway, I’ve coloured in a few of the most applicable words just because they’re there, but I won’t be falling for that con again… You could say in my humble opinion most of the so-called ‘swear-words’ were absolutely shit! 🙂

Almost at the end of my April A-Z Challenge of coluring in – only three more letters to go!

V is for Vibrant

V is for Vibrant

I generally like to use vibrant colours when colouring in – it doesn’t matter if I’m using coloured pencils or gel pens, I find I’m not really a pastels girl at all. This design of abstract flowers has been done with coloured pencils, and is a full page edge-to-edge A4 design 🙂

For this year’s April Blogging from A-Z Challenge I’ve been colouring my way through the alphabet – nearly there! Also linking to April’s Escapist Colouring Club just for fun 🙂

U is for Unique

U is for Unique

Every design I colour in ends up with its own unique look – if loads of other people started out with the same outlined design, I’m sure every one would be different. In fact, even if I coloured in the same design more than once, each one would be different, depending on my mood – different colours, different styles, there are countless variations to be considered 🙂

Almost there with this year’s April Blogging from A-Z Challenge with my theme of colouring in – 21 letters down, five to go!