Digital Colour Corrections

Sometimes I find it frustrating that my watercolour paintings (including this abstract leaf print) always dry so much paler (and less vibrant) than I might like, but luckily with easy digital manipulation I’ve discovered I can visually ‘correct’ the colour when photographing and saving it as a digital image!

Here is the original painting before and after whacking up both the contrast and saturation by 30 (whatever that numerical value represents!) – I’d wanted it to feel like a bright explosion of colour, not a dull disappointment… 🙂

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Before


Abstract Leaf Prints

I had fun using real leaves from my garden with my usual water-colour paints to play about with making abstract leaf prints (that’s both Paint and Prints with a ‘P’!) – I tried a raspberry leaf, a flowering cherry leaf, a rudbekia leaf and an anemone leaf – the anemone without doubt gave the best results, as the leaf was both strong enough and pliable enough to print its veins relatively clearly onto the flat paper. And I found using the underneath of the leaf rather than the top surface was more successful.

I made a real mess of my fingers (and my work surface!) trying to paint onto the curving leaves then printing them onto the paper, but never mind, it’s only water-colour paint so washes off easily and it really was great fun 🙂

Cee’s Midweek Madness: Letter P

Trusting the Twist

Sometimes I like playing about with my camera – not just using it practically to document reality as I see it, but using it artistically to create something deliberately abstract.

These are all relatively slow shutter speed images taken this afternoon, looking down onto a vase of red roses placed on a plain grey rug while quickly yet smoothly twisting the zoom lens from wide angle to telephoto. Other than cropping the outer edges to highlight the main areas of interest, all shots are straight out of camera without any further software post-processing.

There’s just something exciting in trusting in the twist to throw out an occasional delightful image or two that works, a pleasing prize nestling neatly amongst the dozens of dull discarded duds.

Definitely worth a smile for me today, even through my miserable cloud of depression 🙂

Weekly Smile