Small White Allium

These little cuties are about golf-ball sized 🙂

Flower of the Day


Allium Seed Heads

I love the tall spherical purple allium flowers, but I also love the seed heads… I’m trying to decide whether to leave them in the garden for now or cut them down and dry them… I’ve never done that before, but it might be fun to try 🙂

Flower of the Day


The tall allium are flowering, with their beautiful purple firework-burst spherical heads – they always look such fun plants to have in the garden, bobbing about in the breeze as if floating high above everything else… 🙂

Flower of the Day

Positive and Negative

In the garden my purple allium heads are all fire-worked out, but to me their scantily-clad spherical skeletons are still really photogenic even in their decidedly-past-it phase.

I took this close-up shot of one large head with three slightly smaller heads immediately behind and below, together making up the entirety of the slightly fuzzy background. I really liked the continuous blend of purples and greens and darker and lighter shades in about equal proportions, so I flipped it into a negative rather than a positive image to see how it turned out. What was green is now purple, what was purple is now green, what was light is dark and what was dark is light. But the overall balance remains, just as opposites, so it works just as well as the original!

Not sure which version I like best, so I’m posting both side by side. I really like the softness of the positive image and the vibrancy of the negative. What do you think? Any preferences? 🙂

Creative with Colour

I was playing about with the colour settings on this image and changed a cropped shot of an allium head taken in the garden this morning to the green channel negative – how pretty is that! So I’ve cropped it and used it to make a new header image for my blog theme 🙂