Z is for Zen

Z is for Zen

Colouring in certainly helps me feel zen, I focus mindfully and creatively on what I’m doing and just let the rhythmic swish swish swish sound of the coloured pencil on the smooth page soothe my soul. I truly enjoy the peace and quiet it brings me, allowing me to slow down my heart rate and just breathe… ❤

Well here we are at the end of this year’s April Blogging from A-Z Challenge! I’ve really enjoyed my daily posts, colouring in through the alphabet. And thank you all for joining in with your many likes and comments – hopefully it might inspire one or two of you to pick up a few pencils (or pens) and a colouring book and get started again yourself! 🙂


Y is for Yacht

Y is for Yacht

I loved the square design of this little boat in a sea of wavy shapes – I’m not in any way a water-borne person so I do appreciate it is probably not actually a yacht at all, but it fits in so well with my penultimate post for this year’s April A-Z Challenge of colouring my way through the alphabet that I just had to include it anyway! 🙂

X is for X-Bones

X is for X-Bones

OK, so not technically a word starting with X, but there is nevertheless an X on the page! My skull and cross-bones from the bottom of the sea, all covered in green slimy weeds… to be honest I’m really disappointed I was in such a plain green mood that day, it looks way more dull and boring than if I was to start colouring it in all over again today 🙂

Almost there with my colouring my way through the alphabet in my 2019 April A-Z Challenge – only Y and Z to go!

W is for Words

W is for Words

Hmmm… I found a self-styled swear-word colouring-in book for sale online a while ago so decided to order it and give it a go… All I can say about it is, much of what counts as ‘swear words’ in the book designer’s lexicon are no more than cringingly embarrassing playground name-calling words I’d never EVER use in a month of Sundays – not at all sweary, just childishly stupid! Anyway, I’ve coloured in a few of the most applicable words just because they’re there, but I won’t be falling for that con again… You could say in my humble opinion most of the so-called ‘swear-words’ were absolutely shit! 🙂

Almost at the end of my April A-Z Challenge of coluring in – only three more letters to go!

V is for Vibrant

V is for Vibrant

I generally like to use vibrant colours when colouring in – it doesn’t matter if I’m using coloured pencils or gel pens, I find I’m not really a pastels girl at all. This design of abstract flowers has been done with coloured pencils, and is a full page edge-to-edge A4 design 🙂

For this year’s April Blogging from A-Z Challenge I’ve been colouring my way through the alphabet – nearly there! Also linking to April’s Escapist Colouring Club just for fun 🙂

U is for Unique

U is for Unique

Every design I colour in ends up with its own unique look – if loads of other people started out with the same outlined design, I’m sure every one would be different. In fact, even if I coloured in the same design more than once, each one would be different, depending on my mood – different colours, different styles, there are countless variations to be considered 🙂

Almost there with this year’s April Blogging from A-Z Challenge with my theme of colouring in – 21 letters down, five to go!