April A-Z Theme Reveal

I’ve been holding off with my April A-Z Theme Reveal post, as it seems instead of being firmed up and properly formulated by now, my initial tentative plans for this year have by necessity been constrained by this global corona virus pandemic. So I’ve been thinking about how to adapt my ideas to better fit the new restrictions imposed by practicing social distancing and avoiding non-essential trips outside the home.

I’ve decided my basic theme will be the same – an everyday photographic and textual journey through ‘My Inverness, Past and Present’. But photographs will now have to be a mix of some new images, some archive images and more than a few mobile phone shots, and inevitably some letters will have to have alternative subjects or topics than I’d originally intended. Still, the alphabet will be adhered to one way or another, perhaps slightly more creatively than I’d have liked, but I still hope to have fun with it.

Thankfully blog-land seems to be the perfect environment to see us all through this temporary international lockdown, providing the perfect blend of physical distancing and emotional connectivity, and so the timing of this year’s April A-Z Challenge feels rather more poignant than usual. So I’m looking forward to it as an added challenge within a challenge – finding things that fit close to home and away from too many other people 🙂

Weekly Smile: April A-Z Challenge Sign-Up!

My weekly smile this week comes in the form of signing up today for the 2020 April Blogging from A-Z Challenge! I really enjoyed taking part last year, and have actually joined in on three different occasions before that on previous blogs long since gone, in 2015, 2016, and 2017. So this is only year two for me on this blog, but year five altogether!

If you haven’t ever joined in before, the idea is simply to follow the calendar and the alphabet, posting on given days throughout the month of April. You can choose to follow a specific theme, or you can be as random as you like. You can pre-plan every post in advance, or wing it at the last minute, or do both as the need arises – the choice is yours.

Next week brings the proper theme reveal, but I’ve already formulated a few ideas in my head as to what I plan to do for this year. As we moved from London to Inverness at the end of last summer, I’m going to share a photographic journey of ‘My Inverness, Past and Present’ highlighting my new life back home in Scotland.

Personally I always find it easier to decide in advance what I’m going to post for each letter and take it from there, so even though some of the pics may be taken at the last minute I find it best to have an idea plus a back-up in my head, just incase. It’s great fun to complete this challenge, and is such a great way to meet new bloggers.

If anyone is thinking about joining in this year, please do give it a go – there’s always a variety of people signed up and it’s open to everyone. And then we can all share a huge collective weekly smile at the end of the month for having survived the 2020 April Blogging from A-Z Challenge – woo-hoo! 🙂

Drawing a Blank

Some days, however many ideas I have careering around inside my head, I just can’t figure out what I want to post about. It’s like I get a last minute brain glitch that stops the passage of thought from memory to keyboard, frustration coursing through my finger tips before fizzling out, falling flat, drawing a blank… Sigh! Maybe I’ll have better luck tomorrow… 😦

Stream of Consciousness Saturday

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Glitch

JusJoJan: Three Weeks In

I’ll be honest, I’m not finding keeping up with Just Jot it January this year as easy as I’d thought. Posting something every day is one thing, but posting something specific to fit a particular prompt is something else. Some of my posts I’m really happy with, but some feel a bit scraggly, a bit thin on content, a bit lacking in interest, not quite valid. But you know what, I’ve come this far, so I’ll just keep going, and see how it goes for the rest of the month… 🙂

Monday Peeve: WordPress

I like to follow bloggers using the WordPress ‘follow’ button, that then ensures any posts by this person will show up in my newsfeed or reader list or whatever the hell it’s called, right? Wrong! Or rather, not always, and apparently not forever. Sometimes I’ll think, oh, I wonder if (whoever) is OK, I haven’t seen any posts from them for a while? So I make a point of searching out their blog and low and behold, there are posts aplenty. Just not in my reader. For some reason it appears WordPress has decided I am no longer following them. Maybe sometimes they’ve changed to another blog name, or have added a secondary blog, or have bought their own domain name or something, but sometimes there is no discernible reason for the sudden absence of ‘follow’? Hardly a life and death problem, I know, but nevertheless it’s a peeve I could well do without in my life…

Monday Peeve

Intentions and Possibilities

My intention was to take part in the Just Jot it January challenge and post something sensible with words every day of the month. We’re not even a whole week in and already I’m playing catch up. I had to squeeze 1, 2 and 3 together in one post, actually managed 4 on time (hurrah!), but here we are with 5 and 6 together, a bloggy twofer yet again saying nothing much of note. I wonder, what is the possibility of me actually getting through this year’s JusJoJan? At this rate, not a snowball’s chance in Hell…:-)

JusJoJan 5: Intention

JusJoJan 6: Possibility

Inflicting my Affliction

All my life I’ve struggled on and off with depression. My first blog was, in fact, an exercise in giving myself a voice, a way of talking openly about it, and to begin with it felt truly liberating. But all too soon feeling obliged to voice my pain so regularly became nothing more than a stressful chore and I yearned to choose silence again, so once my blog became a millstone around my neck I quietly withdrew, and that was that.

My second blog was an attempt to move beyond a depression-based narrative, but still I found I focused too much on my melancholic misery, so that blog, too, soon hit the buffers. My third blog was a deliberate move away from navel-gazing, focusing mainly on poetry and photography, but eventually that tack floundered too.

So here I am on my fourth blog, trying hard not to inflict my affliction on you all in my virtual world while still allowing for the ebb and flow of emotional floods and droughts. Here I try to keep my creative channels open as far as possible and avoid posting the worst of my laments and dirges, however low and down I feel.

Sometimes that works, and sometimes it doesn’t, so thank you all for sticking by me through my successes and my silences, it’s very much appreciated 🙂

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Inflict