Inflicting my Affliction

All my life I’ve struggled on and off with depression. My first blog was, in fact, an exercise in giving myself a voice, a way of talking openly about it, and to begin with it felt truly liberating. But all too soon feeling obliged to voice my pain so regularly became nothing more than a stressful chore and I yearned to choose silence again, so once my blog became a millstone around my neck I quietly withdrew, and that was that.

My second blog was an attempt to move beyond a depression-based narrative, but still I found I focused too much on my misery, so that blog, too, soon hit the buffers. So here I am on my third blog, trying hard not to inflict my affliction on you all in my virtual world. Here I try to keep my creative channels open as far as possible and avoid posting the worst of my laments and dirges, however low and down I feel.

Sometimes that works, and sometimes it doesn’t, so thank you all for sticking by me through my successes and my silences, it’s very much appreciated 🙂

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Inflict

Staccato and S…L…O…W…

I’ve not been blogging much lately. It’s not necessarily that I’ve got nothing at all to say at the moment, but more that I’ve currently got no easy way to say any of it!

We’re temporarily staying (gratefully) at my parent’s home until we can move into our new house (just under four weeks to go and counting) and frustratingly for us their recalcitrant rural internet connection seems content to see-saw sarcastically between only two speeds – momentarily staccato/ sulking and mind-numbingly s…l…o…w…

It either oscillates in and out of an irritatingly intermittent sine-wave signal in an indecisive Vicky Pollard ‘yeah-but, no-but, yeah-but, no-but’ online/ offline fashion, or alternatively hangs for what feels forever in a treadmill of never-ending nothingness until it gives up the ghost in disgust however many times I ‘retry’ as requested – so either way computer definitely says no.

Words strung into a simple sentence or so it can just about manage to upload at a push, but images of any sort it seriously struggles with, and right now it all feels too much effort to bother much with. So I’m still here in the background, slogging along more than blogging along, temporarily silenced for the time being, building up a backlog of posts…

Prepare potentially to be inundated by a veritable tidal wave of blog posts at a later date once we’re settled into our new home – so please continue to watch this space! 🙂

A-Z Challenge 2019: Reflections

I honestly had such fun completing this year’s April Blogging from A-Z Challenge, and I think for me it was partly to do with my chosen theme – colouring my way through the alphabet.

I really love colouring in, and often post regularly, so the challenge for me was more in choosing creatively which particular designs could go with each letter, rather than the concern about posting something every day. And the beauty of posting images is that they can almost stand alone so you don’t need to worry too much about having to find too many words if you’re in a rush and stuck for something to say.

Also, although I posted each day’s letter in real time, many of the designs included had been coloured in beforehand, but some were completed just in the nick of time! I successfully finished the whole month on schedule too – woo-hoo!

I found other bloggers completing the challenge through the master list (where my blog was also registered), and did my best to check out as many as I could but to be honest I really struggle with commenting, even on those blogs I follow regularly all year round. I’m simply not extrovert enough to feel 100% comfortable just ‘talking’ to strangers out of the blue. So as the month progressed, although I continued to post on my own blog I found I visited fewer and fewer blogs towards the end of the challenge and commented less and less.

I’ll definitely be taking part again next year, though, and will continue to join in as best as I can with whatever format or means of contacting others is used by the team – I might not be your most prolific joiner-in, but I do appreciate all the effort that is put in to setting up this challnge year on year – thank you! 🙂

Paltry Pickings

There have been somewhat paltry pickings from me blog-wise lately – many apologies for my lack of input.

Lots of stuff seems to be going on in life that stops me from seeing the best in the world right now, so apart from the odd outburst in a frustrated political rant or two (but considering that our current political situation would probably test the patience of a saint, I feel reasonably vindicated on that front) I’m feeling a bit quiet and withdrawn… not particularly chatty at all.

I’m still planning taking part in the April A-Z Challenge next month though, so with daily posting for that I’ll no doubt make up for it then 🙂

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Paltry

A-Z Challenge 2019 Theme Reveal

My theme for this year’s A-Z Challenge is the straightforward and simple fun of colouring in. I absolutely loved colouring in as a child, loved colouring in with my own children and now my grandchildren, and still love colouring in all on my own. If you like colouring in too, or would perhaps like to have a go yourself but aren’t sure where to start, or are simply intrigued as to why a grown woman would want to spend her spare time playing around with colouring books and pens and pencils, please do come and have a look every day during April to see for yourself the kind of colouring in I love best 🙂

A-Z Challenge 2019 Theme Reveal

Blogging from A-Z April Challenge 2019

It’s time for me to think about taking part in this years Blogging from A-Z April Challenge – I’ve actually taken part three times before, but have deleted my old blogs so this will be my first time on this particular iteration of an online me 🙂

I’m going for a theme of colouring-in this year, as I’ve really been enjoying the fun of finding such pleasure in such a simple task – I thought I’d share some of my ongoing experience with you all in a more condensed format rather than in the usual dribs and drabs.

If anyone is interested in having a look at what is involved in the A-Z Challenge, now celebrating its tenth anniversary, just click on the link above for more information – hope to see you there! 🙂

Blogging from my Phone

I’ve decided to try to blog from my phone, which is not something I’ve done before – well, I’ve occasionally logged on and read and liked some stuff while I’ve been away somewhere, but I’d never tried posting anything new until this morning.

My last three short-but-sweet posts were written and uploaded today via my phone, including images – go me! Except I haven’t yet worked out how to add categories or tags or add links, but I’ll get there eventually, probably through my usual system of trial and error coupled with much frustration and failure along the way.

I’m a bit slow with embracing too much new technology, so I tend to dig my heels in and stick with what I know for a lot longer than I ought to. I don’t like the idea of my technology being so much smarter than me and making decisions for me because it thinks it knows best – I like to be in control of me and exactly what and how I post stuff, so I resist what I consider to be too much ‘helpful interference’, often to my detriment.

Anyway, I’m sure we’ll see soon enough how I get on with my adventures in phone blogging – or not as the case may be – and as time passes we can all start to draw our own conclusions one way or another 🙂

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Draw