Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire

Today is the day that the UK leaves the EU, and I feel really sad it’s finally come to this. I honestly believe we’re jumping collectively out of the frying pan and into the fire, and the chaos is only now truly beginning. Although ‘collectively’ is perhaps a bit of a misnomer, as the divide between the half of the country that always wanted to leave and the half of the country that always wanted to stay is as deep as it was on the day of the referendum, and is still truly divisive. I accept with heavy heart that we may indeed be exiting the European Union, but I still want it recognised that it is not being done in my name.

When the result of any referendum is that close, to me it’s not a question of re-running it, of re-hashing old arguements, but of the half on the ‘winning’ side of the arguement being gracious to those on the ‘losing’ side. Accept that you may have won the vote, but appreciate that nevertheless only half the country is with you, and act accordingly. You may have a majority, but only just: The result was far from unanimous. So don’t turn it into an uncivil war of wounding words, don’t twist the truth into multiple misrepresentations of fact or expound a nasty narrative of vitriolic extremes. We are not the enemy.

Don’t try to turn half the population into traitors – because if anything, it’s those of us who wished to stay that have been betrayed by your bullying behaviour, not the other way around. Realise that perhaps this is not a propitious time for proposing street parties and national celebration across the board. Don’t be so cavalier with dismissing our dismay, remember there are still puritans amongst us protesting against such flamboyance who prefer taking a more sober approach. It’s bad enough that it’s happening at all without the ludicrous idea of Big Ben chiming in at a cost of a cool half a million – but thankfully at least that plan has now been shelved.

That whole ugly cartoonish image portrayed to the world of puffed-up Brexiteers gloating over whinging Remoaners is an embarrassment. Nigel Farage and his cronies waving their Union Jack flags so disrespectfully within the European Parliament this week is an embarrassment. For those of us who wished to remain, being dragged out of the EU against our wishes is bad enough without having our noses rubbed in it gleefully by people who should know better. Britain should be greater than this.

JusJoJan 31: Chaos

Eleven Nil

When it comes to Who Won the Week for me this week, the answer has to be the eleven judges of the UK Supreme Court who today unanimously judged Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s recent prorogation of Parliament to be illegal! So instead of being completely shut down until the middle of next month as determined so undemocratically two weeks ago by our arrogant Prime Minister, Parliament will now be resumed tomorrow morning at 11.30am, hopefully in nice time for Wednesday’s usual weekly Prime Minster’s Questions at mid-day.

Prorogation is one of those words I’d never really heard before its defining debut this summer, and had absolutely no idea what it actually meant until very recently. But now the nuanced differences between having an ordinary Parliamentary recess (a break in everyday proceedings in the House of Commons at this time of year to allow for all the annual party conferences to take place, while other important Parliamentary business like Select Committees can continue to meet) and prorogation’s complete blanket ban on all Parliamentary business for the duration at such a critical political moment of national crisis are foremost in our minds.

Regardless of differing and oh-so-divisive political opinions on Brexit, the Supreme Court’s ruling today that no-one can be above the law – not even would-be World King Boris Johnson – has to be a good thing. Deliberate and devious manipulation of historical political practices and procedures in order to prevent proper Parliamentary scrutiny of shifty shenanigans can surely never be condoned in law – that to me would be a clear mis-use of Prime Ministerial prerogative power, and would potentially set a loop-hole precedent in perpetuity that has now thankfully been closed.

With any luck Boris Johnson’s sneaky running-down-the-clock Brexit-by-the-back-door plan has been well and truly stymied by today’s ruling by the Supreme Court – Government must always be held to account and not be allowed to ride rough-shod over process and procedure (not to mention long-standing party colleagues) in the self-serving scramble to manage any disastrous damage-limitation from their spectacular own-goal minority status in Parliament.

However churned up the ground beneath has become, however obfuscated the waters of mud-slinging democratic debate within the current House of Commons, the rule of law must always stand firm regardless…

WTF Rules…

I couldn’t help but smile this morning when listening to the BBC News outside broadcast programme from outside the Houses of Parliament in Westminster – Victoria Derbyshire was reading out an email sent in by a member of the public on the Brexit question and she mis-spoke the sentence

‘The majority of the public support WTF rules… WTO rules, I’m sorry!’

Personally I think she probably got it right first time! 🙂

The Ultimate Jane Austen Placard

Fifty-two percent Pride and Prejudice, forty-eight percent Sense and Sensibility – the ultimate Jane Austen placard’… ‘They need a bit of Persuasion, though’

An excellent exchange between Andrew Marr and Emily Maitlis on last Sunday’s Andrew Marr Show while reviewing the papers – the discussion was about placards seen at Saturday’s People’s Vote March (regarding the current Parliamentary Brexit deadlock) that took place in London. Andrew was commenting on the witty wording on one particular placard, and quick as a flash, Emily provided the clever quip at the end… 🙂

One-Liner Wednesday

A Perfect Maze of Intrigue

‘Society bristles with enigmas which look hard to solve. It is a perfect maze of intrigue.’ Honore de Balzac

Brexit is certainly an enigma, a perfect maze of intrigue, ostensibly growing more and more disastrous every day… What a mess, even after all this time there is still no clarity on what the country wants, and at this point I wish we could just take back control once and for all and revoke Article 50 forever… please!

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Intrigue