Thursday Doors: Thistle Inn

I came across the back of this unusually-shaped public house while out for a wander locally, and wondered what kind of exciting front door would go with such a quirky building – disappointingly it turned out to be plain and brown and about as boring as you can get…

And of course like all pubs here in Scotland it’s still closed for at least the next couple of weeks due to current Covid restrictions so I have no idea what it looks like inside… Oh well, I suppose you can’t win them all! 🙂

Thursday Doors

Thursday Doors: Four in One

When I walked past this residential building this afternoon I thought – cool, what interesting stonework around these doors, I’ll get two doors in one shot. But on closer inspection each stone recess actually has two doors inset at an angle – even more cool, I’ve got four doors in one shot! 🙂

Thursday Doors

Grey, Dull, and Still

It’s been a really grey, dull, still day today – warm enough temperature-wise, but not sunny at all so no shadows or highlights to be seen anywhere. But I enjoyed my walk along the canal this afternoon anyway, and wondered if I could maybe try to take a few deliberately grey, dull, still images to see how that worked out?

Quite happy with these, actually! 🙂

Seeing Red

Instead of my usual lockdown walk of along the canal with its same old, same old repertoire (however lovely) of water, sky, footpath, boats I decided today to walk towards town to see what I could find to photograph that was a bit different from my usual offering of flowers and landscapes.

The first thing that caught my eye was peeling red paint low down on a wall, so I decided to carry on in the same vein and look for the colour red on old buildings. And as a bonus, two of my favourite images are actually back access doors of business premises, so I can even manage a hot-off-the-press, on time Thursday Doors post this week – hooray! 🙂

The Empty Streets of Lockdown Limbo

It’s eerily quiet in Inverness town centre just now.

There are still a couple of essential shops open – shops selling food like Marks and Spencer and the Co-Op, and of course Boots the chemist (which was the main reason for my necessary walk through town the other day) but usually at this time of year Inverness is full of colours and sounds, full of tourists and locals alike mingling with occasional street performers like singers and kilted pipers adding to the general buzz of everyday life.

I took my camera with me, as I realised this would possibly be my only chance to record the empty streets of lockdown limbo – photographing a temporarily moth-balled ghost-town felt like an opportunity not to be missed. I didn’t wander while I was out, but I did deliberately walk back home a different way, creating a circular route that took in both the chemist and the supermarket without doubling back on myself.

It felt really strange and surreal to feel so alone and exposed in such a public space, like one of those weird nightmarish dreams where everyone has disappeared expect you. I did see a few other people out and about, walking as if on errands like myself, cautiously and considerately in the main, some with face masks and some without, but with everyone doing their best to keep a respectful distance from each other.

We’ve been in lockdown for six weeks now, and I’m hoping things will start moving again soon and restrictions can start to be lifted slowly but surely, allowing life to open up a little more each month while maintaining appropriate distancing measures. We still need to manage this deadly virus, without a doubt, but we need to achieve that in a way that is more manageable longterm.

Fingers crossed for a fledgling post-pandemic future for all of us, starting sooner rather than later, taking things one baby step at a time… One thing’s for sure, one way or another this current Covid 19 pandemic is certainly turning out to be an eye-opening education for all of us…

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Education