Boats, Buildings and a Bridge

Boats, buildings and bridges in shot between Caley Marina and the top lock of Muirtown Locks 🙂

Inverness Castle

Apparently there’s been a succession of castles on this site since 1057, although this particular version of Inverness Castle has only been here since 1836. It currently houses the Sherrif Court, so the only time in my life I’ve ever been inside the castle was when I was on jury service, many years ago 🙂

Photo A Week Challenge: Over 100 Years Old

Homes and Houses

A row of Victorian terraced houses, a three-storey town house, a post-war block of flats and a modern apartment block – oh, and a House of God, just for good measure 🙂

Corner Shops Big and Small

The Victorians seem to have been big on building local corner shops into the fabric of their terraced housing, where the entrance is set into the cut-off corner itself, on a diagonal to the rest of the walls – we actually live in a flat where the original building was once a Victorian corner shop plus accommodation (converted to three individual flats in the 1980’s) 🙂