Early Morning Inverness

At this time of year it can still be slightly dark when I walk to work – this was taken the other morning on the footbridge crossing the River Ness. I love the semi-silhouette of the skyline, the greys and whites of the sky and water, and the different blacks of the buildings. Even in full colour there’s a calming monochrome quality to the view…

So I’m going to cheat and use my post for both today’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday and this week’s Cee’s B&W Challenge 🙂

Crane for Lifting Boats?

Cee’s Black & White Challenge this week asks for only one, two or three wheels on display, so instead of going for a moving vehicle I’ve chosen this image of a crane that is maybe used for lifting boats out of the water? It sits on the quayside next to multiple leisure boat moorings, quietly doing its own thing. Anyway, whatever it is used for, luckily for me there are three wheels showing on this wheel-and-pulley system so it seemed to be the perfect fit! 🙂