Monochrome Fences

Cee’s B&W Challenge: Fences & Gates


Monochrome Dresser

Cee and Dan have joined forces this week for a Cee’s Black and White Challenge: Doors and Drawers and Thursday Doors combination, so here is my contribution in the shape of our vintage up-cycled Ercol oak dresser with its two drawers and two cupboard doors.

Incidentally, our dresser has a really simple catch to open/ close the doors – the little elongated knob in the middle moves side to side just a small amount (inset within its own little groove), just enough to allow each door to open (one at a time), and when in its central position it holds both doors neatly closed – no metalwork or magnets or anything more than a beautifully carved wooden catch, proudly visible for everyone to see.

See images below for details 🙂

Early Morning Inverness

At this time of year it can still be slightly dark when I walk to work – this was taken the other morning on the footbridge crossing the River Ness. I love the semi-silhouette of the skyline, the greys and whites of the sky and water, and the different blacks of the buildings. Even in full colour there’s a calming monochrome quality to the view…

So I’m going to cheat and use my post for both today’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday and this week’s Cee’s B&W Challenge 🙂