Q is for Quanitity, Quarter, Quit

Q is for Quantity, Quarter, Quit

As soon as I saw this design, I knew it was going to be fiddly to colour in – it’s just a quantity of tiny shapes like magnified grains of sand spread evenly across the entire page. So far I’ve not even completed a quarter of the whole thing, and already I’ve had enough. Even with my reading glasses, my eyesight is struggling to see each shape clearly, never mind my clumsy arthritic fingers refusing to allow the pens to flow as gracefully as I would like. So sadly, it’s time to quit with this one, I think… 😦

Close up of my coloured in Quarter

I (usually!) really love colouring in, so am colouring my way through the alphabet for this year’s April Blogging from A-Z Challenge 🙂


P is for Patterns

P is for Patterns

Colouring in is all about colour, but it is also about patterns. In the same way as different colourways of wallpapers can look completely different – even with exactly the same pattern – so can colouring in designs change dramatically with different colour choices. You can choose which patterns to highlight with bright colours and which to blend in with more muted dark shades to create different effects 🙂

Colouring in through the alphabet is my theme for this year’s April Blogging from A-Z Challenge 🙂

O is for Oddity

O is for Oddity

Hmmm… I’m not at all sure what this design is – is it a plant, is it an animal? Or is it just a beautifully flowing oddity? I enjoyed colouring it in, whatever it is! 🙂

For this year’s Blogging from April A-Z Challenge I’m simply colouring my way through the alphabet, one letter at a time… 🙂

M is for Mandala

M is for Mandala

If there’s one design shape I colour in more than anything else it’s probably a mandala. I always like to start in the centre and work my way out, layer by layer, turning the page around and around as I go. I find the rhythm soothing, and decide on each colour as I go so never know exactly what colour-scheme I’ll end up with! Some mandalas are relatively simple in pattern, and some are more complex, but I really love colouring them all 🙂

Half way through this year’s April Blogging from A-Z Challenge, what fun! Thirteen down, thirteen to go… 🙂

L is for Landscape

L is for Landscape

This cute little rural village landscape was fun to colour in – I used coloured pencils and a rather muted palette for me, but was really pleased with the result. I love the way adding colour can lift a flat image from two dimensions to three… If I had a little more patience (not to mention the needlework skill) I think this design might make a lovely quilted wall hanging 🙂

For this year’s April Blogging from A-Z Challenge I’m taking you through my alphabet of colouring in – thanks for joining me!

K is for Kaleidoscope

K is for Kaleidoscope

The first time I saw this design I immediately thought of the old kaleidoscope toys we had as kids – decorated cardboard tubes with an eye hole at one end, and a rotating plastic cap on the other. When you looked into the eye hole and turned the cap round and round while holding the tube up to the light, lots of different coloured snowflake shapes appeared and disappeared again as the little plastic chips were refelected in the cleverly placed mirrors inside. Oh, I had such fun playing with kaleidoscopes as a kid! 🙂

Grown up colouring in is my alphabetical theme for this year’s Blogging from A-Z Challenge 🙂

J is for Jellyfish

J is for Jellyfish

I used metallic gel pens in muted shades to colour in this jellyfish and surrounding frame, leaving the entire background white. I do find my mood always affects how I decided to colour in any particular design – different days tend to bring different ideas and motivations.

For this years April Blogging from A-Z Challenge I’m colouring my way through the alphabet with a variety of designs – so far, so good! 🙂