Today’s Neurographic

Today’s neurographic, done mostly with sharpies and added glitter gel pens on a much bigger piece of paper than yesterday.

I think I might try one outlined in permanent marker and coloured in loosely with watercolour paints, just to get a bit more expressive ‘flow’ in my overall design 🙂


Neurographic Art

A friend has recently introduced me to the concept of neurographic art, so I thought I’d look into it and have a go.

From what I’ve read online, it was introduced in 2014 by a Russian Psychologist and Philosopher, Pavel Piskarev, who believes in using art and aesthetics to improve your psychological mindset.

It’s basically simple creativity through building up random squiggly lines on a page made by allowing your subconscious to take over – like doodling, but with multiple wandering lines intersecting, then softening and curving the corners and colouring in the resulting design.

Apparently neurographics can be used as a form of art therapy, working through problems by thinking of them as you are drawing your many Piskarev lines slowly but without conscious control, and letting your creativity flow to see what comes from it.

As someone who has to work hard to learn to paint with my heart (what I feel) rather than my head (what I think) and struggles a bit with creating abstract art, and as someone who loves both doodling and colouring in, I thought this would be a perfect experiment for me to try out.

These four little 6×8 neurographic drawings were done over this weekend with a pack of Sharpies – I really enjoyed the creative process, I certainly found the smoothing-off and curving of the intersections calming in a gently repetitive way, so will definitely be trying this again! 🙂


The latest additions to my motley collection of colouring in creations… these three are of a limited palette as my ‘old’ gel pens are all used up apart from these last few remaining shades. I do have some new unopened pens but wanted to challenge myself to use up what I have first – I seem to prefer blues and greens and yellows and silvery greys, so these favourite colours tend to run out long before the pinky, coppery shades, but I’m surprisingly pleased with how they’ve turned out.

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Motley

Colouring Books

I’ve always loved coloring in… I loved colouring in as a child, I loved colouring in with my children, I love colouring in with my grandchildren, and I still love colouring in for myself… Several years ago my youngest daughter bought me two adult colouring books and a set of coloured pencils from a local pound shop (equivalent to a dollar store in the US) ‘just to see how I got on’… And all these years on I still have those two original books, filled with hours of fun and relaxation and enjoyment, and have another half a dozen or so books besides, all kept on a bookshelf and added to as the mood takes me, sometimes using the softer shades of coloured pencils and sometimes using bright gel pens. Some of my latest colouring designs are shown above… 🙂

Weekly Prompts: Colouring Books

Colouring In Again

I had great fun colouring in again the other day – I’d had a busy few days on my feet so chose to rest by having a quiet afternoon relaxing on the sofa instead, and here is the result! 🙂

Dark and Brooding

I tend not to feel too much like colouring in (or much of anything else, actually) when I’m feeling the heavy weight of depression dampen my soul, but today in spite of my dark and brooding mood I thought I’d push myself to make the effort… And here’s the dark and brooding result, with a far higher concentration of grey and black than I’d usually choose in this standard mandala design… Definitely different from my normal choice of multiple bright colours, but I suppose it still counts as creative nonetheless! 🙂


A different kind of colouring in design for me yesterday – no kaleidoscopic mandala, and no clearly demarcated shapes of straightforward single colour either, just three simply drawn mermaids swimming in the sea with their long hair fanning out and floating around them.

So I used coloured pencils rather than gel pens to be able to layer and shade and blend the colours together in a more pleasing way to suit the style of the drawing. I took pics as I went along to show the different stages, and I was surprisingly happy with how they turned out 🙂

Escapist Colouring Club