Columbine Close Up

Pale pink columbine close up for today’s Flower of the Day 🙂



I don’t have a large patch of aquilegia in the garden, just one small clump but ooh, it gives me some beautiful flowers! I’m not usually one for spindly, gangly plants, I tend to prefer something more robust, but I do have a soft spot for these delicate little things. Other names are columbine, or granny’s bonnet – they do look a bit like old-fashioned bonnets, and are traditional cottage garden plants, so I suppose the reference makes sense! 🙂

Flower of the Day


The columbine growing by my back door is a really pale pink with the merest hint of yellow – and it grows against a white wall so is a bit ‘lost’ colour-wise… Maybe I need to move it elsewhere in the garden to get the most out of its pastel shades… 🙂

Flower of the Day