Comfort Foods

I don’t always understand why comfort foods bring me such comfort, or why it is often the simplest and most bland flavours that hit the mark rather than the tastiest and most complex of confections… For me I love the creamy softness of macaroni cheese, the creamy buttery texture of beautifully smooth mashed potato, or the simplicity of a good vanilla dairy ice cream… Mmmm…!

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Understand


Rock Buns

I decided to make some traditional rock buns this afternoon – I used to make them often when I was younger, but haven’t made any for years. Rock buns are a favourite family tea-time treat that have sadly gone out of fashion with today’s more sophisticated tastes. Proper childhood comfort food to cheer me up – a real blast from my baking past.

They’re so easy to make, and thankfully their rough-and-ready appearance (rock-like, hence the name) means neatness is never a requirement. I love the crumbly, crusty exterior and the spicy, fruity interior that together creates such a satisfyingly perfect accompaniment to a lovely cup of tea. If you’ve never had rock buns, they’re not quite as sweet and rich as cake, not quite as light and airy as bread, and in spite of their strange name are not quite as solidly slice-able in texture as a scone, either.

Happily it seems I’ve not lost my touch and these have turned out a treat – I’ve already had one (OK maybe two, just to make sure!) with my afternoon cuppa, and hopefully they’ll be a nice surprise for my husband when he gets home from work later tonight – yum! 🙂

Freshly Baked Cakes

These little cakes fresh from the oven probably couldn’t look any more beige-brown boring if they tried, but oh, the warm and comforting sweet smell of cinnamon and vanilla fills the kitchen with the most wonderful aroma. As soon as they cool enough to eat, I’m going to have one with a steaming hot cup of coffee – and that’s another lovely smell to add to my day at home! 🙂

Cee’s Fun Foto: Sense of Smell

Comfort Blanket

For today’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday Linda wants us to write about what’s next to us when we read the prompt, not when we sat down to write… Well for me it’s usually likely to be the same thing, because I only ever blog on my laptop and I usually only sit in one place to do that – on my sofa.

So, next to me on my sofa is a crochet blanket I made – one of many – and it’s there because I like to snuggle up under a blanket in the evenings to watch TV. It’s a comfort thing carried forward from childhood, and is also the reason I’m usually wearing a scarf all year round – it’s the comfort of fabric wrapping around me I find so soothing.

And particularly right now with everything feeling so up in the air and insecure because of the corona virus pandemic, and our current Stay at Home policy creating a kind of life-limbo in which we all hold our collective breath and wait for the peak of the virus to pass… Or whatever it is we’re doing as a nation, rest assured I’m happily finding comfort wherever I can 🙂