J is for Jellyfish

J is for Jellyfish

I used metallic gel pens in muted shades to colour in this jellyfish and surrounding frame, leaving the entire background white. I do find my mood always affects how I decided to colour in any particular design – different days tend to bring different ideas and motivations.

For this years April Blogging from A-Z Challenge I’m colouring my way through the alphabet with a variety of designs – so far, so good! 🙂


One Liner Wednesday

‘One happiness scatters a thousand sorrows’ – Chinese Proverb

To my mind this thoughtful proverb is not in any way trying to insinuate that forced positive thinking is all we need to deal with all of life’s troubles, insisting that one happy thought automatically erases all the miserable ones as if by magic.

Instead it reminds us that however heavy our burden of sorrow, burying us in helplessness as if trapped suffocatingly under a weighty pile of dank cloying leaves on the forest floor, often all it takes one good gust of blustery wind to get things stirring again, scattering the sodden leaves one by one, leaving us suddenly looking up in wonder at the beautiful blue sky soaring high above our heads. All the leaves, all our sorrows, are still there individually lying all around us, but are no longer smothering us with their cumulative weight, no longer pressing so heavily on our hearts.

In the same way, even one glint of happiness in the midst of countless dark sorrows brings us the promise of a welcome wind of change, a fresh breath of hope, a chance to remember that all is not lost and that we are still here, still alive, fighting and feeling and refusing to be beaten.

One Liner Wednesday

I is for Imaginative

I is for Imaginative

Not sure if this is a flowery-tailed fish, or a fishy-headed flower, but it’s a really imaginative design, whatever it is! I like the artistic-licence-loose-link to reality in many colouring in designs, what’s wrong with adults having a little bit of childhood fantasy in our oh-so-grown-up lives? 🙂

I’m offering up an alphabetical adventure in grown up colouring in for this year’s April A-Z Challenge – thank you for looking! 🙂

H is for Hearts

H is for Hearts

I’ve coloured in quite a few heart shapes in my time, especially flowery hearts – they seem to call to me somehow… maybe there’s a soft, soppy romantic hearts and flowers girl hiding underneath my practical, no-nonsense emotional suit-of-armour exterior ❤

For this year’s A-Z Challenge I’ve decided to try colouring in my way through the alphabet 🙂

G is for Geometric

G is for Geometric

I’m not usually drawn to angular, geometric designs – but I coloured this one in especially for this year’s A-Z Challenge, because to be perfectly honest I couldn’t think of any other ‘G’! 🙂

F is for Flower

F is for Flower

Flowers feature a lot in my colouring in – I love the fluctuating flow of the fluid lines, the random radiating out from a central circle. The many wonderful creative possibilities in filling them in are seemingly endless – flowers are fab, and probably rank amongst my favourite subjects to colour in 🙂

As well as covering the letter F for this year’s Blogging from A-Z Challenge, it also works well for today’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Fab and (with a little bit of artistic licence) maybe even Cee’s Flower of the Day 🙂