Dark and Brooding

I tend not to feel too much like colouring in (or much of anything else, actually) when I’m feeling the heavy weight of depression dampen my soul, but today in spite of my dark and brooding mood I thought I’d push myself to make the effort… And here’s the dark and brooding result, with a far higher concentration of grey and black than I’d usually choose in this standard mandala design… Definitely different from my normal choice of multiple bright colours, but I suppose it still counts as creative nonetheless! 🙂

Crochet Bunting Finished!

I posted a few close-up pics a couple of weeks ago showing some of the unfinished crochet triangles I was working on, with the eventual intention of making them up into bunting. I’d already completed one small strand of 11 (with smaller triangles) as a kind of trial run, so as I was happy with how that turned out I then made a second slightly larger strand of 17 bigger triangles, which also turned out surprisingly well.

So yesterday I sat out in the garden and stitched together the last strand of 17 larger triangles – here are the two longer lengths of bunting sitting folded on the garden bench, all ready to brighten up my dull and boring garden fence (which badly needs sanding down and re-painting this year) whenever anyone visits in our garden. I love it when creative experiments like this turn out well – big smiles all round! 🙂

Weekly Smile

Abstract Roses Again

A few more abstract motion blur zoom burst roses before they start their journey to the great rose garden in the sky… OK, the compost bin… I really enjoy playing about with my camera like this, with a bit of cropping the effects can be quite spectacular, almost dream-like. And I love the way the colours blend together in such an artistic fashion – all images are variations on a theme of pink, yellow and orange roses in a vase placed on a blue rug 🙂

Flower of the Day

Close Up Crochet

Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge this week is close up or macro, so here are some close up shots of a pile of unfinished crochet triangles, that will eventually become crochet bunting – I was motivated to have a go at creating some crochet bunting after reading Rainbow Junkie‘s post the other day. It’s not something I’ve made before, but it seems like a good way to use up all my little bits of leftover yarn – so far, so good, what fun! 🙂

Fun with Flowers

My husband bought us some yellow, pink and orange roses for Easter, and I was going to take a few standard shots in a vase but then I thought – why not have a play about with my camera, and see what kind of creative images I can make… Sometimes I just feel like I want to be a bit more artistic with my photography.

The first pic shows the roses head on, looking straight down from above. Then I slowed the exposure and started twisting the zoom while the shutter was open. I took loads of shots, deleting all of the first set, then thought about what effect I was trying to achieve and tried again. The second set were much better, far less random, and far fewer were deleted. With the third set I’ve kept almost all of them. Some of my favourites (see above) come from the originals being cropped a little to bring a better balance overall, but the very last shot shown here is 100% straight out of camera, with no cropping at all.

I’m really happy with how they came out. Happy Easter Sunday everyone! 🙂

Flower of the Day

Angle, Colour, Shape, Texture

Perhaps I may have taken some ‘odd’ photographic images in my time – well, images that make perfect sense to me at the time but not necessarily to curious passers-by. I can tell by the way they kind of warily half-stop to look more closely at whatever I’m taking a picture of, see absolutely nothing to warrant their interest, then continue on their way with a shrug or a puzzled expression.

Some things just capture my attention, so I reciprocate and try to capture those things photographically. I mean, some things are so obviously photogenic, like landscapes or people or moments in time, and everybody easily recognises why similar pictures are taken of these scenes ad infinitum, for posterity. But other lesser subjects may appear to others to be an odd or boring choice for my attention.

For me it may be their shape, or their colour, or their texture – or it may be the angle or the way the light falls or the juxtaposition or incongruity of something, or some quirky combination of all of the above. I try to capture the world the way I see it, in all its beauty, even the stuff other people don’t notice or don’t consider or simply don’t count as important enough to record visually.

For me photography can be as much an artistic and creative pursuit as a desire to record definitively and accurately whatever we see in front of us. It allows for the development of an easy curiosity that somehow transcends the invisible ordinariness of everyday life. There is such a lot of beauty to see in the world, both natural and man-made, if only we choose to look for it… 🙂

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Taken

My Colourful Imagination

Oh how I miss going for a decent brisk walk along the canal! I’ll get back to it soon enough, of course, but for now I’m convalescing after Covid so am taking things easy for the time being, keeping close to home until I fully recover.

My last walk there was on January 1st, and I’ve been looking through my photographs from that day. I’m remembering the feel of the bracing winter air on my face and imagining everything looking so much brighter, as if painted in a palette of primary colours, just waiting for me to get well enough to manage to walk that far (and get all the way back again, of course).

So I applied an online art filter to help create the kind of colourful effect I could see in my mind’s eye – K2 from Lunapic – and I’m sharing the end results above. Hopefully these stylised, artistic images bring a smile to your face as much as they cheer me up until I feel fit enough to get back out there and see it all for real myself once more 🙂

Weekly Smile