Flowers: Fun with Filters

I’ve been playing about again with applying free online filters to some of my images – this beautiful bright colourful effect is from lunapic and is called ‘flowers’, so it seemed appropriate to give it a try!

So as well as being my take on Flower of the Day, together they also create my perfect fantasy garden for this week’s Hunt for Joy 🙂

Sunshine Yellow

It’s day 28 of lockdown, we’re four weeks in and probably have at least another three to go…

I’ve spent the last couple of days out in the garden, doing a bit of weeding, a bit of tidying things up, a bit of cleaning the glass in the greenhouse. And a bit of playing about with my camera as well as a rather prolonged bit of just sitting out in the beautiful scottish spring sunshine.

So here are some yellow tulips and yellow daffodils, both as they appear in my garden and how they look through my glass paperweight, which is currently doubling up as a fancy lens through which to view stuff a little bit differently 🙂

Loving Hugs

Awww… it’s a crazy world when I can’t help but feel a sad pang of loss when I see daffodils hugging in close together with what seems to be such a delicate loving touch… I really miss seeing and hugging my family so much ❤

Flower of the Day