Abstract Carnations

Abstract carnations taken for today’s Flower of the Day with a difference! 🙂


Digital Colour Corrections

Sometimes I find it frustrating that my watercolour paintings (including this abstract leaf print) always dry so much paler (and less vibrant) than I might like, but luckily with easy digital manipulation I’ve discovered I can visually ‘correct’ the colour when photographing and saving it as a digital image!

Here is the original painting before and after whacking up both the contrast and saturation by 30 (whatever that numerical value represents!) – I’d wanted it to feel like a bright explosion of colour, not a dull disappointment… 🙂

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Before

Creative Blur

I’ve been messing about with one of the floral art images I posted the other day – it started life as an image of dahlias growing in the garden, turned into a negative using the green channel, then I’ve taken a zoom burst photograph of the resulting image on my laptop screen – et voila! Both creative and blurry! 🙂

Bright Colours

Bright colours to cheer me up on a Sunday, just because… I took a close-up picture of a vase of tulips on a long exposure while moving the camera diagonally, then turned the image from a positive to a negative… it made such lovely colours! 🙂

Variations on a Theme

Sometimes I take a photograph of something and think – nope, the difficult light and dull colour is all wrong, that’s just too boring an image to keep. But often there’s something about it that means I don’t want to trash it completely…

That’s what happened with this cactus flower sitting on my kitchen windowsill, I loved the shape of the flower outline but nothing else about the shot. So I uploaded the image to a free online filter site and played about with a few different filter effects until I found some I liked…

Here are my three favourites, variations on a theme of adding some colour without detracting from the pale flower shape – much better! 🙂

Flower of the Day

Weekly Prompt: Variation