Fun with Filters

I’ve been messing about having fun with online art filters applied to images taken by me – it really is the lazy girl’s approach to artistic design, and I really love some of the crazy effects on what is otherwise a standard photograph.

Here is one particular orangey-pink flower head nestled comfortably within its own green leaves, shown in four different guises ranging from nearly normal to weird and wonderful πŸ™‚

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Finger Painted Photoshop Flower MkII


Playing about some more with finger-painting in Photoshop – another fun fantasty flower from my imagination. I’m finding it really relaxing to mess about with, so be prepared to be inundated with multiple experimental digital images for the next while πŸ™‚

One Liner Wednesday: Creativity Requires Courage


‘Creativity requires courage’ – Henri Matisse

It’s all too easy to stick confidently to what we know, always playing it safe, ensuring we never risk failure by never trying anything new in the first place. It’s never easy to feel vulnerable and uncertain about how to do something new, especially as we get older and already know how to do so much in life, but it’s often oh-so-worth it to learn to be curious, be creative, be courageous all over againΒ  ❀ πŸ™‚

One Liner Wednesday

Finger Painted Flower in Photoshop


Since first shakily trying my hand (well, my finger actually) the other day at a rather disastrous digital drawing using the very simplistic Microsoft Paint and my laptop’s basic trackpad, I’ve been thinking about experimenting with some slightly more sophisticated software, so my husband has kindly bestowed upon me the gift of trying out his Photoshop to see how I got on, and I must admit I’ve had great fun tonight finger painting a flower using a simple brush tool, a mixer brush tool, and a smudge tool.

It’s a bit rough and ready but I’m really, really happy with the end result for my first attempt and can see me exploring Photoshop further –Β  I might even have to get hold of a drawing tablet and stylus to see how it feels to draw with that, too! πŸ™‚

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