Christmas Colouring In

I’m not generally a very Christmassy person, but this year I’m trying my hardest to get into the swing of things with a more positive frame of mind, so I’ve started with getting myself a Christmas colouring book to see how that goes – so far, so good! 🙂

Escapist Colouring Club

Smudged Circle

I decided to give my gel pens a whirl today, but got so engrossed in colouring in my chosen design I forgot to be careful to leave each coloured ink to dry off completely before starting on the next colour – oops! Oh well, using a little bit of artistic licence I’ve called my final masterpiece ‘Smudged Circle’! 🙂

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Licence

Escapist Colouring Club

Colouring in Again!

I haven’t done any colouring in for months – since mid-July, in fact, when we first heard the sale of our London flat was going through, and life has been pretty non-stop round of packing/ selling/ moving up to Inverness/ buying a new house/ moving in/ sorting out household stuff ever since! But right now I’ve got a cold and am feeling lousy, so today I’m just sitting on the sofa, resting and colouring in… 🙂

Escapist Colouring Club

Magical City Colouring Book

My husband picked me up a Lizzie Mary Cullen ‘Magical City’ colouring book for next to nothing in a charity shop the other day, with only three out of 70 designs lightly coloured in by the previous owner. I’d never thought about colouring in city-scapes before, but I’ve made a start on going over the three half-heartedly-done (by my standards) designs in my own rather more heavy-handed style.

I’d already finished re-colouring the first one (of London’s Baker Street) before I realised I should probably have taken a picture of it before I began, as well as after… Oh well… Oops! At least I took pics of the other two to compare…

Anyway, here is a little gallery of the book cover as well as my before and after colouring in shots (minus the one I forgot). It turns out I’m really happy with my second-hand colouring in as well as with my otherwise pristine second hand colouring in book – definitely something creative to smile about this week, and for the month ahead at least! 🙂

Trent’s Weekly Smile

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Mix and Match Media

I decided to mix and match gel pens with coloured pencils in colouring in this circular design – I first used a metallic gold gel pen to create an outline framework, then continued with gel pens for the smaller fiddly bits. I chose coloured pencils to fill in the larger inner areas, then finished off with gel pens again around the border 🙂

Escapist Colouring Club

Fiddly but Fun

One of the benefits for me of colouring in with gel pens rather than coloured pencils is that I can colour all the really fiddly, finicky little designs that my well-used pencil points always find so frustrating to fill in. I’ve looked at this particular mandala design so many times and have resisted starting it, knowing that it would take some time to do – but here it is completed, and I’m really delighted with the way it’s turned out 🙂

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