Children’s Fairground Ride

A children’s fairground ride waiting patiently for potential customers as the annual summer travelling fair arrives in Nairn, setting up on the Links by the beach as it has done ever since I was a child…

It’s always better capturing fairground rides at night, with flashing lights illuminating the shot and motion blur giving movement to the image, but sadly we weren’t planning staying that long… Maybe another day 🙂

Weekly Prompts: Fairgrounds


Colour Studies of Stillness

I know fairgrounds are traditionally all about whirling movement and laughing people and loud music and flashing lights, but these bright colour studies of stillness and emptiness filled my lens this afternoon – I may take a walk over later tonight to take some action shots in the dark, but for now I’ve been enjoying the peace and quiet of these almost meditative machines as they ready themselves for the hard day’s work ahead 🙂

Easter travelling fair, Wanstead Flats, Leytonstone, East London