Filter Effect Roses

Filter effect roses for today’s Flower of the day 🙂


Variations on a Theme

Sometimes I take a photograph of something and think – nope, the difficult light and dull colour is all wrong, that’s just too boring an image to keep. But often there’s something about it that means I don’t want to trash it completely…

That’s what happened with this cactus flower sitting on my kitchen windowsill, I loved the shape of the flower outline but nothing else about the shot. So I uploaded the image to a free online filter site and played about with a few different filter effects until I found some I liked…

Here are my three favourites, variations on a theme of adding some colour without detracting from the pale flower shape – much better! 🙂

Flower of the Day

Weekly Prompt: Variation

My Colourful Imagination

Oh how I miss going for a decent brisk walk along the canal! I’ll get back to it soon enough, of course, but for now I’m convalescing after Covid so am taking things easy for the time being, keeping close to home until I fully recover.

My last walk there was on January 1st, and I’ve been looking through my photographs from that day. I’m remembering the feel of the bracing winter air on my face and imagining everything looking so much brighter, as if painted in a palette of primary colours, just waiting for me to get well enough to manage to walk that far (and get all the way back again, of course).

So I applied an online art filter to help create the kind of colourful effect I could see in my mind’s eye – K2 from Lunapic – and I’m sharing the end results above. Hopefully these stylised, artistic images bring a smile to your face as much as they cheer me up until I feel fit enough to get back out there and see it all for real myself once more 🙂

Weekly Smile

Umbrella Plant

More playing about with free online filter effects for today’s Flower of the Day – this time the boring green Umbrella plant sitting in my living room is having a bit of a colourful artistic makeover courtesy of Lunapic – this particular filter effect is called K2 🙂

Nine Days, Nothing to Say

Nine days with nothing to say – still here, just been a bit busy with one thing or another and haven’t had a lot of spare time recently to devote to blogging, but no doubt I’ll find something that motivates me again soon enough 🙂

Flower Power

As well as the three broken gladioli stems I’ve rescued from the garden and put in a vase on the dining room table, my husband also brought home a bunch of deep purple blooms to fill out the arrangement.

I tried to photograph them looking all dramatic and interesting, but instead they just looked boring and dull so I’ve applied an online artistic creative filter effect (free to use) to give them a more abstract finish 🙂

Flower of the Day