Landscapes of my Mind

I’m still really enjoying experimenting with neurograhic art – it may just be fancy doodling, but I can easily become engrossed in it. For some reason I keep seeing abstract flowers within the shapes created by the lines… perhaps these drawings/ paintings are truly the landscapes of my mind?

Sharpie and watercolour paint on A3 watercolour paper, and a hefty dose of imagination and artistic license! 🙂

PS here is the original line drawing for this one…

Word of the Day: Shape


Just Stick it in the Ground

My favourite kind of plants are the kind you simply stick in the ground, give them a decent drink, and pretty much let them grow themselves.

I love my garden, and enjoy gardening, but as much as possible I prefer to choose plants that can look after themselves.

This Ladies Mantle (Alchemilla Mollis) is one such plant – it appeared all by itself, as several small plants growing in odd places, so I transplanted them to where I wanted them to be and they’ve all flourished wonderfully well 🙂

Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Stick