Last Year’s Roses: Take II

Ok, so these images were taken this afternoon and I know these roses are now clearly a bit past their best, but I’m intrigued as to just how long they might continue to look acceptable, however beyond perfect they may be. I’m now on a mission to keep them alive for as long as possible.

They were originally bought on 27th December with a guarantee that they should remain fresh for 7 days – we’re currently on day 16 and counting! Admittedly one very sad-looking bloom has had to be thrown away in the last few days but I think overall we’ve definitely had our money’s worth with this bunch 🙂

Flower of the Day

Motion Blur Roses

Rather than trying to capture crisp, sharp images today I thought I’d play about with creating a dreamy, hazy feel to my pastel roses with a little bit of slow exposure motion blur – I love the way the colours blend out towards the edges. Apart from cropping to achieve the framing I prefer, these images are straight out of camera – what fun! 🙂

Flower of the Day

Pastel Roses

Who Won the Week for me this week is my lovely husband, who trudged home from work in the snow late last night (he finished his shift at 10.15pm) with a beautiful bunch of roses for me, just because he was thinking of me and he loves me.

Sometimes he chooses strong vibrant colours, but yesterday he decided on a delicate pastel pink with palest green-tinged outer petals, which really suited both the hushed snowy weather and the soft, subtle wintery feel of the world.

I love that he does little things like this every now and then,. Occasionally he’ll bring me something chocolatey, and sometimes something flowery, just because. What’s not to love in being brought such touching little tokens of love? ❤

All Change in the Conservatory

After careful monitoring I’ve taken out most of my plants from our North-East-facing conservatory and have re-sited them elsewhere throughout the house – the conservatory really is far too cold in the winter for many of them. However I’ve left the few slighty more hardy UK-native plants in situ and I’m delighted to see they’re still in flower even now, bringing a bright splash of colour at the end of the year.

I’ll have a re-think in 2021 about where best to site my current houseplants on a permanant basis, and which newcomers to add to my growing collection, but I’ve had such fun experimenting and finding my feet this year with both my garden and my conservatory. Even after 20 years of living in an upstairs flat with no outdoor space at all, I’m delighted to find I’ve not lost my green fingers after all 🙂

Flower of the Day