Majestic Wines Car Park, Wanstead

How do you avoid the humdrum monotony of looking out onto a grey tarmaced empty space wrapped in boring brick walls? You paint it with great street art! These ‘Majestic’ examples are from the back walls of the car park behind the Majestic Wines retail store in Wanstead, East London 🙂

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Humdrum

The Fun Factor and Photography

The other day I took an ordinary photograph of a small area of white graffiti stencilled onto a grimy plain-rendered wall, simply because I liked the message. Once I got back home, I pondered on what to do with it to make it a bit more interesting, more creative to look at – what would be the best way to add the fun factor to my basically boring image?

So I first made it into a negative rather than a positive image, which gave me black writing on a blue-greyish wall. Then I went back to my original and created three more negatives, chosing to invert the image first through Red, then Green, then Blue channels only to see which I preferred. In the end I couldn’t decide which colourway I liked best so I found myself a simple online image-stitching programme and instead constructed a four-sectioned multi-coloured collage a la Andy Warhol… et voila!

Ta-daa! I’m really pleased with how it turned out 🙂

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Factor

Friday Fun – Construction

Hearts on a Brick Wall

I found these lovingly created colourful hearts painted onto the full height of a supporting brick wall under a dark railway bridge at Borough Market in London – they just brighten up an otherwise dead and boring space, brought a huge smile to my face and seemed to privide the perfect backdrop for taking selfies 🙂

Weekly Smile

Weekly Smile: 12 Nov 2018

Colourful street paintings gave me a series of visual smiles this week:

The way the light caught this yellow skip graffiti painted onto a wall behind some foliage;


A three foot high burger tempting passers-by on a fast food joint wall;


Alfred Hitchcock on the wall of another building (again!) – he was born here in Leytonstone, so as a ‘local lad’ is always given pride of place in the ever-changing street art in the area;


And last but not least a tatty and faded yellow sun complete with rays carved and painted into the otherwise boring cement wall of a local playground – what’s not to smile at? 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


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