Thursday Doors: Brighton

Some fun doors from our last day trip to Brighton in mid-July 🙂

Thursday Doors

The Fun Factor and Photography

The other day I took an ordinary photograph of a small area of white graffiti stencilled onto a grimy plain-rendered wall, simply because I liked the message. Once I got back home, I pondered on what to do with it to make it a bit more interesting, more creative to look at – what would be the best way to add the fun factor to my basically boring image?

So I first made it into a negative rather than a positive image, which gave me black writing on a blue-greyish wall. Then I went back to my original and created three more negatives, chosing to invert the image first through Red, then Green, then Blue channels only to see which I preferred. In the end I couldn’t decide which colourway I liked best so I found myself a simple online image-stitching programme and instead constructed a four-sectioned multi-coloured collage a la Andy Warhol… et voila!

Ta-daa! I’m really pleased with how it turned out 🙂

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Factor

Friday Fun – Construction

Hearts on a Brick Wall

I found these lovingly created colourful hearts painted onto the full height of a supporting brick wall under a dark railway bridge at Borough Market in London – they just brighten up an otherwise dead and boring space, brought a huge smile to my face and seemed to privide the perfect backdrop for taking selfies 🙂

Weekly Smile