Weekly Smile: Noticing Nature

Out for a walk on Wanstead Flats earlier on today, I saw in amongst all the usual greeny brown trees a bush completely covered in what from afar looked like orangey red berries. Intrigued, I went closer to have a look and found to my surprise they weren’t berries, but tiny flowers! A few minutes later I noticed another flash of orange amongst the green of the grass, so explored further to see if this was another flower, but was delighted to see instead this butterfly sunning itself – I got quite close too, to take my picture, before it flew away. And then on the way home I took the shot of the ferns in the grass just because the little nuances of shape and colour of all the different fronds pulled me in. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and I smiled at the thought of living in London yet having such an abundance of nature right on my doorstep – some days it just feels good to be alive ❤

Weekly Smile