Home Sweet Home

Who won the week for me this week is our lovely house – it’s a year almost to the day since we moved in, and I honestly think I love it more every day, knowing we intend to live here for the rest of our lives.

We finally had our new windows and doors fitted last week (several months behind our initial planned schedule, for obvious reasons – thank you, coronavirus lockdown) and the difference in how the whole internal space feels now is amazing, creating a much warmer and far more welcoming environment for us to live in than their ageing weathered predecessors were ever able to provide.

We’ve still got such a long way to go both inside and out to get the house completely the way we want it, but I know we’ll get there eventually one upgrade, one improvement at a time. And in the meantime this remains the practical, comfortable home we chose together, our secure safe space to be truly ourselves, living our own lives in our own unique way, growing older and hopefully wiser over the years.

Home to me is not supposed to be a sparkly surface-styled showhome, a classy double-spread feature in a glossy celebrity magazine. Instead it’s a private space, a sentimental personal place where we can feel we belong completely along with our private personal belongings, our brightest visions and darkest vulnerabilities, our highest hopes and deepest fears.

Home sweet home for us forever – happy first anniversary house! 🙂

Window Shopping, Plain and Simple

When we bought our house ten months ago, we knew we would have to replace the ancient double glazing in both the windows and doors to be more energy efficient. As we moved in during the autumn, we’d initially decided to wait until spring and warmer weather before undergoing the upheaval. But of course in March the coronavirus hit and lockdown happened, so here we are already in mid-August only getting the new windows and doors made now.

Window shopping was a surprisingly painless experience – it actually took us very little time to decide what we wanted. The clean, sleek lines of white pvc casement windows, plain and simple, for optimal natural light and minimal long-term maintenance. We need to have two obscured glass windows, so have chosen a very plain satinised finish for these. Our new back door will be half glazed white pvc with solid bottom panelling and with the same plain satin glazing above.

Choosing our new front door took the most thought to get right, but even then we chose the door design (half glazed, solid bottom panelling) and colour (anthracite grey) without needing too much discussion, and our only consideration was the glazing. We wanted some kind of minimal design within the glass panel, but nothing too fancy either. In the end we settled for a particularly understated style of glass panel originally designed for another type of door, to be adapted for our style of door.

So right now our new doors and windows are being custom made, and should be with us sometime in September. I’m really looking forward to having them installed – the current aluminium-and-wood-framed doors and windows may still be wind and watertight (just!) but are seriously energy-inefficient and really don’t suit the property. And once we have our new windows in place, we can get on with decorating our house inside and out… what fun!

It’s inevitably going to take us years to finish everything we want to do in the house, but we’re happy enough just to take our time and do it up bit by bit as we go along. It’s one of those old properties where nothing needs done immediately but everything needs doing eventually. Things are in place but are decidedly outdated, and luckily outdated can always be updated. Hopefully the new windows and doors are going to be a really big change, and I can’t wait to see it once its all done! 🙂

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Finish

Living Room Window

This is my living room window, all 2.5 metres width of glass pane, and I just love the way the light streams through it from morning till night. My sofa is sitting right in front of it, and sitting on my sofa is where much of my blogging takes place, with my laptop on a bean-bag lap tray on my lap. When we were house-hunting last year, two of my main non-physical must-have criteria were light and flow, and we’re absolutely delighted to have achieved both where we are now 🙂

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Glass

History of a House

This morning we received a bulky pack of legal papers from our solicitor – our house purchase last October has now been recorded by the Land Registry and all the formal documentation held with the original Title Deeds now belongs to us.

And it seems that with these information-rich papers, all clearly dated, I can piece together the history of our house from the initial land purchase in 1925 through the first property sale in 1933 all the way through several changes of ownership to us in 2019!

I really love looking through old papers, and however convenient digital documents may be, you can’t beat the smell and feel of handling old paper and ink – it’s a real, genuine hands-on experience to be able to touch the past, an immersion in history that for me, simply can’t be replicated online 🙂

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Paper

One Liner Wednesday – New House!

All being well, we get the keys for our new house tomorrow!

It’s not a brand new house, but it’s certainly new to us. It’s actually an old 1930s bungalow that (according to the Title Deed) was first sold in October 1933 for £400. We, of course, have paid a teensy-weensy bit more than that for it exactly 86 years later, but we both fell in love with it the moment we saw it, and can’t wait to move in over the next few days!

It’s going to take us some time to do it up the way we want it, but we’re just so delighted with it and are really looking forward to the ongoing process of making it our own over the next few months. The house is actually in the city of Inverness so after 10 weeks of truly rural living we’ll be townies again.

And even though we’ll be living in town we’re going to have a garden too, both front and back – outdoor space to spend time in and shops and services near enough on our doorstep again, woo-hoo! Watch this space! 🙂

One Liner Wednesday