Digital Artifacts

Why do WordPress have to mess about with my uploaded images?

I always make sure to resize all my images to a reasonable resolution for online viewing, particularly as I use the free version of WordPress so have an eventual upload limit and like to save space, and yet whenever I try to insert them into my blog post as a tiled gallery they often look all pixelated and full of digital artifacts.

The thing is, once you click on any image in the gallery, all tiled images render perfectly well, so I know it’s not my uploaded images at source that are the problem. I’ve even tried inserting images individually into posts rather than as a gallery, but still they do not render correctly to my chosen resolution – it’s so frustrating.

I probably need to experiment more to find an improved optimum size and resolution for uploading to this particular platform to stop this from happening, but it really annoys me that ultimately WordPress gets to decide how my images display on my blog – surely there should be a setting somewhere to switch off any further image compression for control freaks like me?

Or am I just doing it all wrong in the first place? What does everyone else do to keep their images looking good across their blog? All advice gratefully received… 🙂

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